Bring Stories to Life with Personalized Books

Ever dreamt of creating a magical book with your loved ones as the main characters? Well, your dream can now become a reality with this unique service offering personalized books. Whether it's for your children, friends, pets, or even coworkers, crafting a personalized story can be an enchanting experience.

With a user-friendly process, anyone can transform a simple story into a captivating tale. Here's how it works:

  1. Choose Your Story: Start by selecting a favorite from the Catalog, which gives you a variety of themes and adventures to dive into.
  2. Customize the Details: Next, bring the main character to life by adding their name, age, photos, and even hobbies. These details will make the story truly their own.
  3. Review & Edit: Before finalizing, you get to review your customized book. If anything doesn't quite fit, you have the opportunity to tweak it.
  4. Place Your Order: Once you're happy with every detail, simply place the order. Then, relax and wait for the magical book to be printed and delivered to your doorstep.

As for customization options, there's a range to ensure that the book you create is as unique as the person it's about:

  • The main character's name doesn't just grace the title; it's woven throughout the entire story.
  • Personal details such as age, family, friends, and hobbies are incorporated into the narrative.
  • Photos are transformed into charming cartoon-like images for the cover.
  • A heartfelt dedication letter and the main character’s picture are featured on page two.
  • Unique funny rhymes are tailored to match the main character’s interests or hobbies.
  • Illustrations throughout will mirror the appearance of the main character, making the adventure even more immersive.

These books aren't just any ordinary gifts; they are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to the first day of school or even World UFO Day. Among the top picks is "The Case of Missing Kid: Detective Snuffle's Park Adventure" for kids aged 2 to 7, and "My Cosmic Mission on Mars," also catering to the young astronaut in your life.

Moreover, making a personalized book doesn't come with a cost upfront. You can create your book for free and only commit to it when you're ready to order.

While this tool brings a delightful and innovative gift idea, like any other service, it has its pros and cons:


  • Personalization makes each book a one-of-a-kind treasure.
  • It’s a thoughtful gift idea that's suitable for a wide range of occasions.
  • The ordering process is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • It encourages reading by engaging readers with familiar characters and their own stories.


  • Some might find the books less affordable than regular, non-customized books.
  • You'll need a little patience while waiting for the book to be printed and shipped.

Lastly, you can stay updated with the latest offerings and even snag a deal by subscribing to their newsletter. Doing so could land you a sweet 20% off on your next book, making your next personalized gift even more special.

Remember, each story you create is not just a book; it's a memory being crafted, a smile in the making, and a unique journey that your loved ones can embark on time and time again.

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