Are you a regular Jira and Slack user? If so, there's a fantastic tool you need to know about. It's called JiraGPT, and it seamlessly integrates into Slack to provide AI-driven assistance when navigating your Jira tasks. Gone are the days of needing to log in and out of different platforms to get the information you need. With JiraGPT, it's all just a few clicks away!

How JiraGPT Works

Using JiraGPT is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Install on Slack: Quickly add the JiraGPT app to your Slack workspace.
  2. Connect to Jira: Seamlessly integrate your Jira account with JiraGPT.
  3. Invite JiraGPT to Channels: Easily invite JiraGPT to your preferred Slack channels using the /invite @JiraGPT command.
  4. Engage & Explore: Via Slack, interact with the GPT to perform tasks like querying the status of Jira issues.

Use Cases

JiraGPT offers several use cases that make your project management tasks simpler without leaving your Slack environment:

  • Quick Project Updates: Get updates on tasks approaching deadlines or review last week's progress.
  • Team Member Oversight: Quickly assess the workload of team members and avoid overloading.
  • Efficient Bug Tracking: Track and identify unresolved critical issues in your project's development without diving deep into Jira.


JiraGPT offers a Free Plan that includes core features. Ideal for light users or those who want to try before they buy, some of the key features of the Free Plan include:

  • Natural language Jira queries
  • Integration with Slack
  • 15 queries/month limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe with JiraGPT?

Absolutely. JiraGPT follows best practices set by Slack and Jira for integrations. It only asks for essential permissions and does not store or share any user-generated content. All interactions are encrypted and processed instantly, leaving no trace.

What is JiraGPT?

JiraGPT is your AI-Powered Jira Assistant designed to simplify Jira tasks directly from Slack. No more juggling between platforms. Just type requests into Slack and receive instant answers.

How do I get started with JiraGPT?

Start by installing the JiraGPT apps for both Slack and Jira from your dashboard. Once installed, invite the JiraGPT bot to your desired Slack channel by typing /invite @JiraGPT.

How do I use JiraGPT within Slack?

Simply type your Jira-related request in the Slack channel where JiraGPT is invited. Use the command format /jiragpt followed by your question.

JiraGPT is engineered to make your Jira-related tasks more manageable without departing from your comfortable Slack environment. With its features such as natural language queries, Slack integration, and streamlined workflows for tracking project development, JiraGPT is a must-have tool for anyone working with Jira. Give it a try today and see how it can simplify your project management workflow.

Pros and Cons


  • Streamlined access to Jira tasks within Slack
  • Simplified workflows for project management
  • Encrypted and secure interactions
  • Free Plan available for trial and lighter users


  • Limited features under the Free Plan
  • Requires installation and setup
  • Relies on integration with existing Slack and Jira environments

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