Simplify Your Meeting Experience with Jamie - The AI-Powered Notes App

In today's fast-paced work environment, meetings are a constant. They can be overwhelming, and taking notes can easily become a tedious task that takes up precious time. Fortunately, there's Jamie—an AI-driven application designed to handle all that for you. Envision being able to summarize any meeting effortlessly in over 15 languages. With Jamie, that's entirely possible, ensuring that your focus stays on the conversation, not on jotting down every word.

How Jamie Enhances Your Meeting Workflow

Imagine starting your meeting with a silent partner dedicated to documentation. Jamie functions quietly in the background, processing audio and delivering a comprehensive package once your meeting concludes. Not only do you get a succinct summary, but Jamie also provides a full transcript and a list of action items. Sharing this information is a breeze with a single click.

Notes Without the Hassle

The beauty of Jamie lies in its simplicity. The cumbersome art of note-taking gets transformed—you'll feel like a master notetaker without any of the usual effort. And the best part? Jamie adapts to your meeting environment. Whether you're using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or attending an offline meeting, Jamie has got you covered.

More Than Just Notes

Jamie doesn't just compile notes; it's designed to capture the essence of your meetings:

· Tasks: Jamie identifies and extracts tasks discussed during your meeting.

· Decisions: Decisions are detected and noted, ensuring nothing gets missed.

· Transcripts: Need to revisit a particular detail? The searchable transcript makes finding specific information straightforward.

Additionally, Jamie enhances information retrieval. Query the app with any question, and it'll point you to the relevant section of the meeting, streamlining the follow-up process.

Semantic Search

Diving into your meetings to find answers doesn't have to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Jamie's semantic search feature understands the context, meaning you'll get the answers you need without the extra effort.

Emphasizing Privacy

With all the functionality Jamie offers, privacy doesn't take a back seat. Your data is securely stored in Europe and processed only when necessary. Moreover, as you use Jamie, it gets contextually smarter, enriching its support for your workflow.

Time-Saving Perks

Say goodbye to long hours of busy work. Jamie offers:

· Topic-Sorted Notes: Automatic sorting of notes by topic for a tailored summary.

· Custom Note Templates: Have specific note-taking needs? Craft custom templates and let Jamie fill them in for you.

· Teach Custom Words: Increase summary accuracy by teaching Jamie specialized terminology.

Praise for Jamie

Users are already finding Jamie to be an indispensable tool:

· "It is impressive to see how far this technology has come." - Tom Bachem, Founder & Chancellor at CODE University

· "Jamie can save us a person's resource." - Madeline Wendler, Global Head of Products at Siemens Mobility

· "Jamie successfully turns recent advancements in deep learning research into a useful product for customers." - Dr. Jermain Kaminski, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University

Transform the way you handle meetings with Jamie. Let it save time for you each week, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—engaging in your meetings and executing on decisions.

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