Introducing Loom AI

Loom AI: Your Smart Video Assistant

Are you tired of spending extra time and effort creating engaging video messages for work? Introducing Loom AI, your new smart assistant for creating top-quality videos without the hassle.

What Can Loom AI Do For You?

  • Instant Customized Titles: Loom AI generates personalized video titles to boost views and engagement, making sure your message gets noticed.
  • AI-Powered Summaries: With AI-generated summaries, your message gets across faster, shortening the time from recording to sharing.
  • Organized Chapters: Loom AI creates chapters for your videos, making it easy for viewers to navigate and respond to specific content.
  • Actionable Tasks: Loom AI identifies and assigns action items based on your video content, helping you and your team stay on top of tasks.

Even More Features!

  • Filler Word Removal: Say goodbye to "ums" and "ahs" with seamless removal, making your videos sound polished and professional.
  • Silence Removal: Avoid re-recording by automatically identifying and trimming long silent pauses, keeping you in the flow.

What's Coming Soon?

Exciting new features are on the horizon with Loom AI:

  • Auto-Add CTA Button: suggest a custom CTA button for your audience to know where to go next
  • AI-Powered Talking Points: generate talking points based on prompts, helping you speak with confidence
  • And much more!

Loom AI is available in 50+ languages, so you can work smarter no matter where you're located.

Pricing and Availability

Loom AI is available for all paid plans, with pricing starting at $4 per creator, per month (billed annually).

Get Loom AI today and make your video messages better, faster, and more efficient than ever before!

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