With ever-growing competition in the business world, finding prospective buyers can be a daunting task. Intently, the new AI-powered tool, is here to assist you. This platform can help you identify ready-to-buy prospects in the US, break into key accounts, and accelerate deal cycles with the power of its sales intelligence.

Trusted and Reliable

This tool is already trusted by over 100 companies as their secret weapon to close six-figure deals. Finding suitable buyers for your products and services can be tricky for humans, but thanks to the advanced algorithms of Intently, the whole process becomes a lot easier. Their AI-driven approach sifts through a wealth of data and pinpoints leads with the highest potential to convert.

Features That Empower Your Sales

The myriad of features offered by Intently are there to assist you in driving sales with laser-focused precision:

· All-in-one data hub: Access to 500 million people and 40 million firmographic data entries from sources such as LinkedIn, X, and Facebook.

· Prospect 10X faster: Communicate in natural language with the data and get results that match your request faster.

· 30% faster sales cycles: Find more deal champions within accounts by getting unique insights from their behavior.

· Intent-driven lists: Get lists of US-based prospects and Fortune 1000 executives that can increase your top-of-the-funnel activity with highly qualified leads based on their behavioral data.

With these capabilities, it's clear that Intently offers a robust suite of features to make sales activities more precise and result-driven.

Benefits and Advantages


· User-friendly interfaces.

· Time-saving automated data collection.

· An intuitive search process, allowing natural language queries.

· The potential to significantly speed up buyer journeys by focusing on the most probable deals.

· Reduce manual data verification and data entry tasks.


· High reliance on technology, where human oversight is also recommended.

· The complexity of AI algorithms, which may be challenging for some users.

· Firmographic and demographic data may not always be accurate or up to date.

Time to Upgrade Your Sales Efforts

Say goodbye to outdated sales tactics and welcome this AI-powered sales intelligence tool to revolutionize the way you find prospects, accelerate your deal cycles, and close more sales. Test out Intently today and let the power of AI benefit your sales efforts, now and for years to come. Need help? Contact us: Privacy Policy Cookie Policy

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