Introducing an Accelerated Book Generation Tool

Are you an aspiring author eager to craft compelling stories at a quicker pace? Our AI-powered book generation tool is here to make the story-writing process easier. Craft fun mini-novels with 4-6 engaging chapters using simple prompts and beautiful artwork, making your book creation experience efficient and enjoyable.

How It Works

  1. Generate Mini-Novels: Input a prompt, such as "A boy named Alex goes to the jungle and discovers a secret temple."
  2. Write Your Story: Let your creative juices flow as you weave a narrative around the prompt.
  3. Enjoy Beautiful Artwork: Enhance your mini-novel with delightful illustrations, bringing your story to life in a unique way.

Benefits of Premium

Join our premium service to skip the current high-demand waiting period and get your books faster. With premium, you'll be able to access more tools and generate books without delay.


  • Faster Book Generation: Access your mini-novels promptly with premium service.
  • Artistic Enhancements: Enjoy beautiful artwork to accompany your story, adding depth to your narrative.


  • High Demand: Waiting times for free books may be longer due to high demand.
  • Premium Access: You need to sign up for a premium account to access the full benefits of the tool.

Ready to enhance your book creation journey? Start generating your mini-novels today!

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