Discover the Power of I18ncore: Your AI-Powered Localization Partner

In the digital age, global reach is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. However, expanding your digital products across various linguistic demographics can be challenging, especially when it comes to localization and translation. Enter I18ncore, an innovative solution designed to streamline and simplify your internationalisation process with the help of advanced AI.

Simplify Your Localization Workflow in Three Steps

I18ncore has condensed the localization process into an intuitive three-step workflow:


Sign Up: Kick-start your journey by creating an account on I18ncore. This unlocks a suite of translating features designed to cater to your localization needs.


Get Connected: Integrate your I18ncore account with your GitHub. This allows seamless synchronization with your code repositories and translation files.


Start Translating: With your projects imported and everything set up, you can begin translating immediately, leveraging the built-in AI assistance to enhance translation quality and speed.

Why Choose I18ncore?

Choosing the right platform for your localization needs can be crucial. Here's what makes I18ncore stand out:


AI-Assisted Translations: The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to provide suggestions and streamline the translation process, ensuring higher quality outcomes.


Multi-Project Management: If you're handling multiple projects, I18ncore has the capability to manage all of them efficiently, keeping your translations organized.


Seamless Integration: The requirement for a GitHub account underscores the seamless integration with your development workflows, enabling real-time updates and translations.


Support for Various File Types: I18ncore supports numerous file types, accommodating a wide range of project requirements.


Customer Support: The platform promises dedicated email support to help with any issues or questions that arise.

Flexible Pricing Plans

I18ncore offers flexible subscription plans:


Monthly: For €40 per month, gain access to all features, unlimited keys and projects, email support, pull request management, and AI-assisted translations.


Yearly: Opt for the yearly subscription at €400 and enjoy a 20% discount. It includes the same comprehensive list of features as the monthly plan.

Need More Information or a Custom Package?

Should you have more questions or require a tailored package, I18ncore invites you to a conversation. Book a session through their Calendly link to discuss your specific needs.

Book a Conversation

In Summary

I18ncore represents a modern solution to the complex problem of localizing digital content. With its emphasis on AI-driven translations and an efficient workflow, it could be the partner you need for your internationalization endeavors.

For further details or to start your localization journey, you can visit I18ncore's website or reach out via email at i18ncore@gmail.com.

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