I Doubt News

Are you tired of not knowing the true story behind news headlines? It’s been a problem for years, and it’s hard to tell who’s giving you the full picture. That's where NewsCheck comes in. This AI-powered tool scans news articles to catch manipulation techniques and biases. Here’s how it’s making news more trustworthy.

How It Works

NewsCheck scans news articles to catch manipulation techniques, hidden agendas, and biases. It looks for selective reporting, emotional appeal, framing, false equivalence, and more. This AI tool can detect cherry-picked data, stereotypes, and conspiracy theories. By analyzing countless news sources with data and AI, NewsCheck helps to paint a clearer picture of current events.

Pros and Cons of NewsCheck


  • Identifies manipulation techniques and biases
  • Scans for selective reporting and stereotypes
  • Helps to paint a clearer picture of current events


  • Might not catch every potential bias or manipulation
  • Requires a certain level of trust in AI and data-driven analysis

Using NewsCheck

To use NewsCheck, you simply enter the URL of a news article into the tool, and it will promptly scan the content. By using a data-driven approach, NewsCheck identifies manipulation techniques and provides an overall trustworthiness score.

The Impact

NewsCheck is useful for everyday people who want to better understand the news they consume. With the avalanche of information and misinformation online, this AI tool provides a clearer look at news events. It’s also a great tool for news organizations to ensure that their content is balanced and trustworthy.

In an age where headlines shape public opinion, it’s more important than ever to be critical of the information we consume. NewsCheck is a step towards restoring faith in journalism and giving people the tools to analyze news effectively.

It’s clear that NewsCheck is opening doors to a more transparent news landscape. This AI tool serves as an extra pair of eyes, making sure that the true story behind the headlines can’t be overshadowed by manipulation or bias. Let's hope more people use it to better understand the ever-evolving world of news.

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