I Am Now

Discover I Am Now: AI Keyboard & Content Creator

Modern communication requires creativity and finesse, especially when conveying ideas through writing. If you've ever found yourself stuck for words or searching for the right expression, I Am Now could be just the tool you're looking for. This innovative keyboard extension app is designed to help users articulate their thoughts by offering suggestions to rephrase sentences. It integrates with the powerful OpenAI API to enhance user expression across various social platforms.

How It Works

The I Am Now app operates by taking the text you type and employing advanced algorithms to provide alternative phrasing options. It's like having a personal editor right at your fingertips, assisting you in enhancing the impact of your writing on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

User Guidelines

When you use I Am Now, it comes with a set of expectations to ensure a positive and lawful experience for everyone:

  • Responsible Use: The app must be used in compliance with all relevant laws and only for lawful purposes.
  • Content Accountability: You're solely responsible for any text you submit and must avoid transmitting anything offensive or unlawful.
  • Respect for Intellectual Property: The app and its content are protected by intellectual property laws, and users must respect these rights, avoiding any unauthorized use of the app's materials.

Your Privacy Matters

I Am Now is committed to protecting your privacy. The app does not collect or store any personal information. The text entered into the app is used to solicit rephrase suggestions from the OpenAI API, but it is neither kept nor used for other purposes. This ensures your content and suggestions remain confidential.

What You Should Know

Before diving in, consider these important points about the app:

  • Limitations: While the app offers innovative suggestions, it assumes no liability for any issues you might encounter, such as errors or interruptions in service. The accuracy of the content or rephrase suggestions is not guaranteed.
  • Risk Management: Users should be aware that they use the app at their own risk.
  • Ending the Experience: The app owner has the authority to terminate access to the app under certain conditions, such as breaches of terms or harmful conduct.

Pros and Cons of I Am Now


  • Enhances your writing style and expression.
  • Does not collect or store personal data.
  • Helps ensure your written content is engaging and varied.
  • Easy to use and integrated with social media platforms.


  • As with any app, there may be technical glitches or interruptions.
  • The user is responsible for the content they generate—care must be taken to ensure it's appropriate.
  • The app's language enhancements are suggestions and may not always perfectly capture the desired tone or meaning.

In a world dominated by digital communication, I Am Now provides an accessible way to spruce up your online presence. It's a step toward more effective and expressive interactions in our day-to-day digital conversations.

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