The right messagesYour prospects will get the right attention with the right approach, every single time. With Humanlinker, you're one step ahead of your competitors. For quite some time, businesses have been looking for ways to improve their sales efficiency and open up more sales opportunities. The long wait is over—Humanlinker is here to revolutionize your approach to sales with advanced AI-powered tools designed to help you close more deals and supercharge your pipeline.

How it Works

Humanlinker is your go-to AI-Sales Assistant, not just another sales tool. It helps you make a difference in a competitive world by providing various features designed to engage prospects and personalize your interactions. Some of the features include:


AI Generative Copywriting: Craft personalized sales copywriting at your fingertips. Engage in seconds with the highest level of personalization through hyper-contextualized sales copywriting, featuring icebreakers and AI-generated comments for LinkedIn.


DISC Personality Analysis: Understand your prospects' inherent personality traits. Receive instant recommendations on how to effectively communicate, establish trust, and negotiate with them.


AI Sales Assistant: Elevate sales efficiency through seamless integration with your sales tools and eliminate uncertainties about your buyers' interests.

With Humanlinker, you can maximize your outreach efforts by being visible to your prospects, creating memorable first impressions, and driving more meeting bookings. The AI swiftly researches contacts, crafts tailored emails, and ensures your prospects are always impressed, resulting in more replies at scale.

Humanlinker also provides access to strategic data by extracting relevant content from social news, interviews, and podcast appearances from multiple sources. You can automate alerts and checks to stay on top of updates without getting overwhelmed by the available information.

Pros and Cons


· Facilitates personalized sales copywriting

· Provides deep insights through DISC Personality Analysis

· Seamlessly integrates with sales tools for enhanced efficiency

· Maximizes outreach efforts and drives more meeting bookings

· Swiftly researches contacts and automates alert and checks for staying updated


· Relatively new tool, may require adjustment time

· Limited to the Chrome Extension and SaaS Platform

Humanlinker's solutions put an end to the eternal debate between quantity and quality, providing both to help you and your prospects feel good. With Humanlinker, you'll be ahead in the game, giving your prospects the right attention with the right approach every single time. It's time to join the new revolution of AI and personalization in prospecting with Humanlinker.

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