Welcome to Humanlike: The Intelligent Voice Bot Cloud Platform

In the age of AI innovation, businesses are often on the lookout for tools that can streamline operations without compromising customer experience. This is where Humanlike steps into the spotlight, offering an exceptional cloud platform tailored for deploying conversational AI agents. But these aren't just any bots – these are voice bots designed to mirror human intelligence closely, offering a seamless interactive experience.

Transforming Business Operations Across Industries

Humanlike's applications are vast and varied, no matter your field. Industries from real estate to logistics, finance, and beyond, can leverage this powerful tool to enhance their customer interaction and operational efficiency.


Customer Service: Imagine a customer support representative that never gets tired or flustered. This is what Humanlike's bots can bring to the table – consistently competent and amiable assistance.


Dispatch: Scheduling appointments can be a hassle, especially when you're coordinating with numerous parties. Humanlike's bots can handle these tasks at scale, making sure your appointments are booked efficiently.


Pay-By-Phone: Security is crucial when handling payment details. Humanlike provides a secure way for customers to interact with IVR systems or live vendors, ensuring transactions are smooth and protected.

Trust and Reliability – From Those Who Know Best

The use of Humanlike has proven transformative for businesses striving for growth. Take Jeff Ho from Papaya, for example, who appreciates how the platform supports the company's scaling efforts without the need for a proportional increase in team size. Will Gordon of Latchel also commends Humanlike for maximizing agent availability, as these AI workers don't require breaks, freeing up human agents to tackle more critical tasks.

Achieve More with Less – The Humanlike Advantage

One of the standout benefits of Humanlike is its ability to help businesses scale operations without the need to expand their workforce. By reducing the dependency on traditional contact centers, companies have noticed significant cost savings and efficiency gains:


24/7 Availability: These voice bots are tirelessly at your service, around the clock. There’s no downtime, which means your customers are always heard.


92% Customer Satisfaction: The satisfaction rate speaks volumes about the quality of interaction these bots provide.


50% Average Cost Reduction: A substantial cut in costs is a claim that can grab any business owner's attention.

Meet The Visionaries Behind Humanlike

Humanlike isn't just a product; it's a vision brought to life by its founders, Vashisht Madhavan and Andy Qin. Vashisht, having left his mark on Snorkel AI and Uber with his NLP projects and research, brings a wealth of expertise in AI and Machine Learning from his time at UC Berkeley. Andy, who significantly contributed to Modern Treasury after his stint as an engineer at Stripe, joins Vashisht in this venture, aiming to deliver AI solutions that reflect the capabilities of your top employees.


Humanlike is not just a technological advancement; it's an ally for businesses looking to innovate and stay ahead. Offering a blend of availability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, it stands out as a solution for anyone aiming to modernize their customer interaction and backend operations with a touch of AI finesse.

For more information, or to start exploring what Humanlike can do for you, reach out to their team at

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