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November 22, 2023

Are you tired of guessing what your users really want? Hubble is an AI-powered tool that helps you gather valuable user insights to optimize your product experience at every stage. From design to production, Hubble allows you to monitor, measure, and enhance your user experience through a range of innovative features.

Unmoderated Tests

Engage with users early in the product development cycle to perform usability and concept tests. Get insightful feedback from your users during ideation and recruit them for user interviews. Save time and budget by testing your assumptions early in the development process, before devoting engineering resources.

Contextual Product Surveys

Collect contextual user feedback data at any point in the user journey through engaging in-product components. Launch qualitative in-product research in minutes using Hubble's library of customized surveys and connect them with your analytics platforms.

Participant Recruitment

With a rich participant pool, you can find and engage with research participants across the globe. Whether you're a UX Researcher, UX Designer, Product Manager, or marketer, you can find research personas that you can target for your projects.

Real-Time Results Tracking

Get real user insights data anytime, anywhere. Hubble provides continuous user experience monitoring, allowing you to track your user experience metrics in real-time.

Automated Insights Reports

Save time when summarizing results with Hubble's automated insights reports. You can send them to stakeholders at any moment, just like having an internal user insights team.

Expand the Scope of Your Feedback

Hubble is not just built for survey data. You can recruit participants directly from your product to test your designs and prototypes. Plus, you can view usability test results with precision, including screen level heat maps and user paths through screen recordings.

With Hubble, you can now unlock powerful user insights for your team, resulting in an improved and optimized user experience for your product. Truusted by companies around the world, Hubble has transformed the way businesses gather and interpret user feedback.


  • Engage with users early in the product development cycle
  • Real-time results tracking
  • Automated insights reports for quick decision-making
  • Expand the scope of your feedback beyond surveys


  • Limited to online user testing and feedback gathering
  • AI-powered insights may not replace the depth of human observation and interpretation of user behavior.

If you want to take your user experience intelligence to a new level, Hubble is the tool for you. Sign up now and see the difference for yourself!

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