Horseman v0.3.2: Supercharge Your Web Crawling with GPT Integration

Navigating the vast web can be cumbersome, especially when you need specific insights or have to manage a multitude of tasks across various websites. Enter Horseman, a web crawling tool that has just become significantly more powerful with its latest v0.3.2 update. This update brings unparalleled functionality, especially for frontend developers, performance analysts, digital agencies, accessibility experts, SEO specialists, and JavaScript engineers.

What's New in Horseman?

The arrival of version 0.3.2 introduces several exciting features:

· GPT3.5 Integration: Now you can leverage the capabilities of GPT3.5 to analyze web page content. You have the flexibility to work with any part of the page data, or even send the whole page to GPT for comprehensive analysis.

· AI Helper for Snippet Creation: Creating snippets doesn't require knowledge of JavaScript anymore. If you're not familiar with coding, an AI helper can step in and handle the task.

· Enhanced Insights: Horseman now offers a new Insights feature that allows for deeper exploration of your web crawl data.

· Expanded Snippet Library: A vast array of new snippets has been added, enabling more specialized analyses and data extraction.

What Are Snippets and How Do They Work?

Snippets are essentially small chunks of JavaScript code that interact with a website's elements. They can manipulate data and extract specific information, much like using Chrome's DevTools console, but with Horseman, you can automate this process across an entire website.

Worried because you're not a JavaScript guru? Fear not! Horseman comes with over 120 built-in snippets so that you can immediately start extracting the data you need. On top of that, the newest update allows you to describe your data extraction needs in plain language. The AI will then generate the necessary snippet for you.

Example Snippets You'll Love

Some snippets that are incredibly useful include:

· Largest Contentful Image Priority: Ensures that the Largest Contentful Paint is loaded correctly.

· H1 Sentiment Analysis: Evaluates the sentiment of your H1 headings to optimize their effectiveness.

· Overflowing Elements Detection: Identifies elements that cause unwanted scrolling by overflowing the page.

· Intelligent Content Extraction: Uses readability.js for smart content extraction.

· Content Summarization: Summarizes page content, which can be used for crafting new meta descriptions.

How To Get Your Hands on Horseman?

Horseman is accessible through Early Bird pricing via GitHub Sponsors. Why GitHub Sponsors? It functions as both a payment gateway and a support channel, allowing the developer to concentrate on improving Horseman.

Sponsorship Options Include:

· Sponsor tier ($5 per month): Suitable for individuals, includes one device limit and additional perks like early access to development versions of other tools, a GitHub sponsor badge, and more.

· Sponsor++ tier: For those who need a bit more, this tier includes a three device limit and additional extras for a slightly higher contribution.

The Horseman Experience

Horseman supports Windows, Mac OS (Intel and M1/M2), and Linux. With its AI integration, you can now tackle a vast web of information effortlessly. Whether you're looking to improve website performance, content quality, or just need an easier way to gather data, Horseman v0.3.2 is a valuable asset in your toolkit.

Discover how Horseman can streamline your web crawling experience by visiting its GitHub page for more information and to gain access to this versatile tool.

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