Meet LEO: Your Personal In-Home Construction Expert

Navigating home improvement projects can be daunting, whether it's your first attempt or you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast. Thankfully, there's LEO, the AI assistant from HomeHelper, here to guide you through every step, ensuring you feel informed and capable no matter the task at hand.

Starting Your Journey with LEO

To begin, simply chat with LEO about your project to get tailored advice on project costs, necessary tools, and difficulty level.

Enhancing Your DIY Skills

Next, you can dive deeper into your project with LEO's help. From providing detailed knowledge about your specific undertaking, LEO offers step-by-step instructions to get the job done right.

Shopping with Confidence

If a project feels too challenging or time-consuming, LEO's guidance can turn you into a savvy shopper, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions or hire a pro when necessary.

Why Choose LEO?

Understand Your Home Like Never Before

LEO's advanced AI technology adapts to you, offering custom solutions for your home's maintenance and improvement tasks, making the process seamless.

Never Be in the Dark

Whether it’s keeping the lights on or tackling complex remodels, LEO is there to illuminate the way, ensuring you've always got a helping hand.

Track Your Home's Progress

HomeHelper's AI-powered Home Journal allows you to document your home improvement journey and benefit from LEO's personalized recommendations.

Expert Consultation When You Need It

For tailored advice, LEO provides hand-crafted project consultations. This is ideal for homeowners seeking one-on-one assistance and professionals aiming to optimize their spending.

Real Users, Real Results

Users from all walks of life have found LEO to be an invaluable asset. Kyle, an HVAC technician, uses HomeHelper to boost his sales. Jeff, with years in the industry, finds it an essential resource for both consumers and professionals. Jordan, a maintenance technician, appreciates how LEO walks him through fixes, saving him money. Home flipper Hailey and interior designer Destiny both have seen their confidence and project success soar, thanks to LEO.

Select the Plan That Works for You

HomeHelper offers a BASIC PLAN that includes free AI analysis, advice, and access to local help, bridging the gap between AI assistance and the human touch needed for home improvement projects. For users with heightened needs, additional plans are available, offering deeper insights and more robust AI logic.

With LEO, you're not just tackling a project; you're becoming a pro at understanding and caring for your home. Explore what HomeHelper and LEO can do for you and revolutionize the way you handle home improvement.

For more information about getting started or to understand how LEO can be part of your next project, visit the HomeHelper website. Ready to embark on a smoother, more knowledgeable path in home projects? Chat with LEO today and turn your home improvement dreams into reality.

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