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November 22, 2023

Human-Like Conversational AI: Making Your Apps Smarter and More Interactive

Are you interested in creating conversational apps that truly engage your users and feel like they’re talking to a real person? Look no further—Dasha is here to revolutionize the way you build and integrate voice and text conversational capabilities into your applications. Whether it’s for your website, desktop, mobile, IoT devices, or call centers, Dasha can seamlessly bring life-like conversations to your digital products.

What is DashaScript?

With DashaScript, developers can design complex real-world conversations using an event-driven declarative programming language. It allows you to create smart and dynamic interactions that pass a limited Turing test. With DashaScript, it’s possible to automate call center conversations, recreate the Google Duplex demo with under 400 lines of code, or create a no-code GUI that translates into DashaScript code.

Here is a sample piece of DashaScript code:

start node root { do { #sayText("Welcome to Acme Pizza! How can I help you?"); wait *; } }

digression orderpizza { conditions { on #messageHasIntent("orderpizza"); } do { #sayText("All right. $10, please. May I charge your card now?"); wait *; } }

Versatile Integration

Dasha offers unmatched flexibility when it comes to integrating with different platforms and programming languages. Whether it's a web server, browser, mobile device, IoT gadget, or anything else with internet connectivity and audio capabilities, Dasha applications can run seamlessly. Plus, with Dasha, you can use any programming language, such as Node.js, Java, Python, C#, and C++, to harness the power of conversational AI.

Seamless Data Integration

What sets Dasha apart is its ability to integrate with existing business logic and data infrastructure. This means that your conversational voice and chat apps can seamlessly interact with your databases, external services such as Airtable, Zendesk, and more. The Dasha SDK allows you to run conversations across various channels, including telephony, in-app, and IoT, while also enabling you to feed custom data into Dasha’s system and consume results where they provide the most value, such as in business intelligence, analytics, and decision engines.

Dasha Studio: Your Complete Development Environment

Dasha Studio, a VSCode extension, takes your development experience to new heights. With IntelliSense support for DashaScript, a low-code graphical interface, and a powerful error highlighting tool, you can build, manage, and deploy Dasha applications seamlessly. Additionally, the Profiler feature visualizes conversational outcomes, making it easier for you to train and improve your AI apps.

Free Tier for Builders and Testers

For developers and testers who want to explore the potential of Dasha, the platform offers a fully functional free tier. This allows you to experiment, run test calls, and get a feel for how to build conversational applications with Dasha. Once you're ready, you can seamlessly transition to a paid plan. However, if it turns out that Dasha isn't the right fit for you, you have the flexibility to make that decision without any obligation.

Pros and Cons


  • Single integration for voice and text conversational capabilities
  • Highly versatile, supporting various platforms and programming languages
  • DashaScript, a powerful and dynamic language for designing conversations
  • Seamless integration with existing business logic and data infrastructure
  • Dasha Studio offers a complete development environment with advanced features
  • Free tier for developers and testers to explore the platform


  • Limited programming language support in the beta program
  • Limited access to integrations and platforms in the beta program

In conclusion, Dasha is a powerful tool for developers looking to create realistic voice and text conversational apps. Its versatility, ease of use, and robust integrations make it a compelling choice for those who want to add AI-powered conversations to their products and services. If you’re looking to take your applications to the next level, Dasha might just be the missing piece of the puzzle.

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