Do you sometimes wonder if the pictures you see on social media are real or fake? It can be pretty tricky to figure out. But don't worry, TrueBees has got your back. TrueBees is changing the game with its new AI-powered tool that helps you verify whether the image is real or AI-generated. No more spending hours trying to figure out if the picture is genuine; with TrueBees, it's all done quickly and easily.

How it worksTrueBees uses state-of-the-art AI technology to detect deepfakes, particularly those convincing AI-generated portraits that circulate on social media platforms. Once you upload an image, TrueBees works its magic in the background. You'll receive instant feedback, giving you a clear understanding of whether the image is trustworthy or not. This way, you can prevent any misleading or false information from being spread.

Why should you trust TrueBees?TrueBees is not just another AI tool. The team behind TrueBees constantly upgrades its algorithms to detect the most sophisticated deepfakes, so you can be confident in its ability to provide accurate information on the images you check.

Detecting AI-generated images faster than everTime is of the essence when it comes to detecting deepfakes. TrueBees offers a quick screenshot assessment tool, providing rapid feedback on the trustworthiness of an image. In this fast-paced social media-driven world, TrueBees ensures that you don't share false images by mistake.

Reliable image verificationMisinformation spreads quickly, and sometimes we unknowingly contribute to it. TrueBees provides you with reliable image verification that can keep you from contributing to the spread of false information online. You can confidently assess the trustworthiness of the pictures you see and stop the spread of misinformation.

Preventing the spread of fake imagesBy determining whether images are trustworthy, TrueBees is actively working to prevent the proliferation of fake content on the internet. Keeping the content you share truthful and accurate benefits you and those who view your content.


  • Quick and easy image verification
  • Reliable AI-powered tool
  • Prevention of the spread of fake content
  • Constantly updated technology


  • May not be 100% accurate in detecting all types of deepfakes
  • Works best when using high-quality images

In a world where it's difficult to differentiate between real and fake images, TrueBees is here to simplify the process. You can now verify the trustworthiness of the images you come across and stop the spread of false information. With TrueBees, the power to prevent the proliferation of fake images lies in your hands!

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