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Ever wanted a profile picture that's truly unique? Meet, a service leveraging artificial intelligence to craft custom avatars just for you. Picture this: an avatar that not only captures your essence but is also shaped by your imagination.

Starting the journey is simple:

· Register: Fill in a form with your WhatsApp number to get login access.

· Customization: Upload 5 to 20 of your photos for the model, decide what you want your avatar to embody, and pay a nominal fee.

· Creation: In just a few hours, your model will be ready, and you can begin instructing the AI to generate images based on the photo references you provided.

The AI works with sophisticated technologies such as Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth to ensure your avatars are not just unique but of high quality too.

Let's break down the process:

1. Model Building: Once you upload your photos and complete the payment, the service begins the model creation phase.

2. Input Your Vision: You dictate the style and concept of your profile picture through descriptive prompts.

3. Receive Your Images: The finalized images can be viewed on the website or delivered directly to you via WhatsApp.

When you opt for, your avatars result from a personalized touch. Unlike other similar apps where you automatically receive a set number of images, here, the output hails from your creative inputs.

Pricing Structure

The service offers several packages to fit different needs, starting from 45 images for Rp 60,000. If you ever feel like the number of images isn't sufficient, there are options to top up your image quota.

Package A: 45 Images for Rp 60,000 Package B: 65 Images for Rp 75,000 Package C: 110 Images for Rp 100,000

Additional images start at Rp 55,000 for 30 extra images, with other options available, including a bulk of 200 additional images for Rp 150,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of

The web application creates custom profile pictures, illustrations, and face images. Whether it's for yourself, a friend, or even a celebrity, the AI can generate it in various styles.

How Long Does It Take?

Model creation takes about 45 to 90 minutes. Once that's done, generating each image takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.

Is There an Affiliate Feature?

Yes! By inviting friends to use the service, you can earn a 5% commission on each transaction they make.

What About Unused Image Quotas?

The service operates with resources rented monthly, meaning your purchased quotas are valid for 30 days due to API, CPU, and GPU usage policies.

Discover the Future of Profile Avatars

With intuitive technology that puts you in the creator's seat, equips you with tools to produce a personalized face to your digital presence. And rest assured, the service is constantly updated with the latest advancements, as shared by founder Kukuh TW via Instagram, Twitter, and Mastodon.

Stay connected with the community by joining the Discord Server, and keep your social profiles fresh and creative. Whether you're looking to surprise friends with a cool new avatar or simply want to express your self-identity in the digital world, might just be the tool you need. Dive into the AI-driven artistry today, and let your imagination lead the way.

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