The Revolutionary Tool for Healthcare: Suki Assistant

In the world of healthcare, where time is of essence and efficiency is vital, a pioneering tool has emerged to bridge the gap between caring for patients and grappling with time-consuming documentation. This tool goes by the name of Suki Assistant, an AI-powered voice assistant specifically designed to cater to the healthcare industry's needs.

How Suki Assistant Optimizes Clinical Workflows

Suki Assistant steps into the medical workspace to revolutionize how clinicians interact with electronic health records (EHR). It allows you to generate notes through ambient listening, take dictation, execute commands, facilitate coding, and even answer questions. This seamless integration with EHRs means your documentation is always current with the latest patient information.

The Impact of Suki on Time Management

Clinicians using Suki have observed a dramatic reduction in the time spent on clinical documentation tasks—by as much as 72%. This significant drop in time spent in front of computers translates directly into more quality time available for patients, enhancing the overall practice experience.

Multiple Modes for Versatile Documentation

Suki's capability to understand and work in various modes—ambient, dictation, or command—offers unmatched versatility. Clinicians can initiate notes in their preferred style with only one application, making it easy to adapt to different work environments or personal preferences.

Integration and Flexibility at Its Finest

Enterprise-grade integrations are what set Suki apart. Its bidirectional EHR integrations ensure that clinicians have the convenience they need when creating and syncing notes. Suki collaborates with top EHRs to deliver the deepest integrations available, offering the flexibility to begin documentation in the EHR and complete it in Suki, or vice versa.

Hear It from the Doctors

Doctors like Dr. Bobby Dupre in Rheumatology appreciate the ambient documentation feature of Suki and its seamless content flow into EHR systems such as Epic. Dr. Elizabeth Goff, from Family Medicine, finds the integration of vitals, medications, and past problems saves valuable time.

Suki's Pricing Models

Suki provides two main solutions to suit different needs:

· Suki Assistant: The clinical assistant with deep EHR integrations is available at $399 per user per month.

· Suki Compose: This is the enterprise-grade clinical documentation application running at $299 per user per month (not including EHR integration).

Stories Shared by Customers

Doctors are not just satisfied; they're impressed. Dr. Ana Urukalo, specializing in Podiatry, refers to Suki's technology as "mindblowing," citing its ability to capture the essence of patient interactions concisely. In times of technical adversity, like internet outages, practitioners like Dr. Jeremy Screws in Pediatric Gastroenterology found Suki indispensable.

Educational Resources and Demos

Those curious about Suki's offerings and its role in shaping the future of clinical documentation can explore reports and customer stories provided. Suki also steps forward to educate through webinars covering how health systems innovate with generative AI.

For a more hands-on experience, Suki encourages setting up a demo with their sales team to witness the assistant in real-time.

Concluding Thoughts

Suki Assistant brings forth a future where clinicians can wholly focus on patient care without the cumbersome cloud of administrative tasks. Its deep EHR integrations, time-saving features, and impactful ROI make it not just a tool but a companion in the noble journey of healthcare.

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