Hints Sales AI Assistant

Simplify Your CRM Experience with Hints

Staying on top of customer relationships can be a daunting task, especially when you have a pile of information that needs to be organized neatly within your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This is where Hints, an AI-powered CRM interface, steps in to make life easier for sales representatives and businesses.

Effortless CRM Setup

Setting up your CRM is now as simple as using natural language. Hints bot guides your sales team in real-time, aligning with your specific sales methodology to ensure complete CRM adoption without the traditional onboarding process.

Always Accurate Forecasting

With Hints, forecasting becomes more reliable. The AI ensures that your CRM always reflects your sales playbook, and it guides your sales reps every step of the way.

Manage Meetings and Updates with Ease

After your meetings, quickly update your CRM on the go. Whether you prefer to dictate or text your client information using WhatsApp or SMS, Hints swiftly organizes it into the proper CRM fields for you.

Comprehensive CRM Management

Hints is capable of handling various CRM tasks that include:

  • Managing CRM objects: It creates and updates deals across multiple pipelines, including associated contacts and companies.
  • Adding Notes: Aside from creating deals, Hints adds deal notes, outlines next steps, and logs calls with ease.
  • Searching for Contacts: Need to get someone's details quickly? Use a voice command and let Hints retrieve any contact from your CRM.
  • Handling Tasks: On top of creating and updating tasks, Hints can also pull tasks assigned to you while you’re on the go.

The Magic behind Hints AI Assistant

The Hints AI Assistant works by integrating with popular messaging services like WhatsApp and SMS to provide convenience, especially when you’re away from your desk. This seamless integration means you can auto-update fields in your CRM, including custom playbooks simply by voice command.

Data Security

Security is paramount, and Hints doesn't compromise on it. None of your correspondence is stored or used for model training. Strong security protocols are in place to keep data breaches at bay. For an additional layer of security, Hints provides a self-hosted assistant option with specialized models.

Why Choose Hints?

With Hints, you’re looking at revolutionized CRM interactions. The simplicity of updating your CRM via text or voice dramatically increases efficiency, resulting in:

  • More leads being captured
  • A significant increase in logged activities
  • A drastic reduction in administrative time each week
  • An increase in the number of deals closed

Constant Improvement and Added Features

Hints is continuously enhanced to include features that add convenience for clients. For those interested in partnerships or white labeling, Hints AI offers opportunities to integrate this technology into your own offerings.

Discover how Hints can transform your CRM experience and contribute to your business’s success here:

Affilate Program and White Label Opportunities

If you are looking to offer Hints AI under your own brand, there are White Label options available. Moreover, engaging in an affiliate program with Hints can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

For anyone seeking a more efficient and secure way to handle their CRM, Hints presents a compelling solution that modernizes the cumbersome process of manual data entry and CRM management. With Hints, you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals.

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