DATALogin or SkipPlay Video Meet DATADATA is your AI co-worker. DATA replaces Siri with ChatGPT or any other language model.If you want to better understand what DATA does, watch the video linked above.Press Get Started to begin the free demo. It's 5 questions and 15 choices to make it yours.DATA will ask you thoughtful questions, go do research and then email it to you.Get StartedBy submitting a request you consent to receive SMS messages. Message and data rates apply. Opt-out anytime by saying "STOP" You can read Lander.Media/TOS for our full terms & policy. We will never share or sell your information.Privacy & SecurityOnce installed, DATA runs in the Apple "Shortcuts" app you already have on your device encrypted by iCloud. Our online demo responses are stored in our GDPR compliant CRM. We will never sell or share your information with anyone. Meet your AI co-workerDATAEnter any request.DATA will text youwhen it's done.Delegate anything, no matter how complex.DATA will text you when it's done.Login with your phone number below and submit request to continue chatting with DATA.This request uses 0 of the 128,000 characters available 0/32,000 tokens totalBy submitting a request you consent to receive SMS messages. Message and data rates apply. Opt-out anytime by saying "STOP"If you have any trouble try to include "+" and country code.This number must be your real number to receive your reply.Once you are logged in, the submitbutton turns orange for DATA waitlist members, and green for active subscribers.Have a DATA account? You can manage it here. By submitting a request, you agree to our terms. Try Free Demo Before Signing Up FAQsThese are answered in a video on the next page if you prefer not to read.What is DATA?DATA is a layer of prompts that works on top of many existing AI models to enable more functionality (like AI agent behavior) that normally would require the subscription to multiple services at varying prices per month. It allows you to personalize AI to your own use, and do so in a way that keeps your information and AI memories privately on your Apple devices, encrypted by iCloud with your Apple ID. DATA is a personalized prompt framework and shortcut suite that runs privately on your phone powered by any language model.What does that mean? It means basically that you can turn Siri into Jarvis with one tap using a native Apple app you might not even have known was already on your phone: it's called Shortcuts.DATA is an easy, safe, secure, and most importantly open-source (more on that in the next paragraph) way to replace Siri with ChatGPT. It is a suite of Shortcuts, which you can tap to install on your phone. Shortcuts is an app that comes native on every phone Apple sells, and it allows you to easily build code with drag-and-drop functions. DATA augments Shortcuts by adding easy, native ways to interact with large language models like ChatGPT & GPT-4 by OpenAI for example, as well as other models in the near future. DATA can do just about everything Siri & ChatGPT can do, but it does these things in a way that feels more friendly and familiar because DATA also has a setup process that lets it get to know you a bit.By buying a shortcuts subscription, which starts at $35/mo for personal use, you are paying for customer support & updates as we work full time to add new features and shortcuts. As I mentioned, it's open source, meaning these shortcu

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