Navigating the world of investments can be complex and time-consuming, but Hercule aims to simplify this task. Hercule is your intelligent partner in investment decision-making. It is designed to aid investors by speeding up the process of evaluating potential investment opportunities.

Making Better, Faster Decisions

Hercule leverages the power of AI to enhance the initial screening of pitch decks. By aligning with your investment thesis, this AI-powered platform enriches your team's ability to swiftly identify the most promising ventures.

Gain In-Depth Insights

The Detailed Startup Overview section offered by Hercule provides a wealth of information about startups. This includes executive summaries, bios of the founding team, their financial ask, and the current status of their enterprises.

Streamlined Integration

Efficiency is key when managing investments. Hercule facilitates this through easy integrations. Users can automate workflows with tools like Zapier or make the most out of Hercule’s robust API to ensure a seamless fit with their existing tech stack.

Simplified Rejection Process

Saying 'no' can be as important as saying 'yes' in the investment world. Hercule understands this, providing draft templates for personalized rejections with one click. This not only saves time but helps in maintaining your reputation and nurturing possible future connections with startups.

Centralized Communication

Hercule makes it straightforward to manage your investment opportunities by allowing you to forward promising pitches directly to the platform. By keeping all your interactions in one place, Hercule ensures simplicity and organization.

Constant Improvement

The Hercule platform is in a continuous state of development, always looking to offer better services to investors. In the near future, features like enhanced market research, customizable memos, and suggested questions for evaluating startups will be available.

The Team behind Hercule

Hercule's creation is powered by a dedicated team that includes Belén, Carlos, Jean, Kwadwo, Manuel, Niels, and Santiago. This diverse team brings together their expertise to ensure Hercule meets the needs of modern investors.

Your Concerns Addressed

To satisfy common curiosities, Hercule's FAQ section answers key questions about its functionality, how it saves time for investors, the type of data used for analysis, and the security of data stored on the platform.

Hercule is part of A Gray Matter Company and is cognizant of privacy with a comprehensive Privacy Policy. For any queries or discussions, contact through email or join the Discord community.

For those eager to experience the benefits of Hercule, an option to join the waitlist is available. As Hercule continues to evolve, it aims to be the trustworthy ally in the journey of investment decision-making.


· AI-powered platform for quicker, more informed decision-making.

· In-depth overviews of startups' team, finances, and status.

· Efficient integration with existing tech stacks.

· Provides templates for personalized rejections to streamline communication.

· Ongoing development of tools tailored for investor needs.


· As an evolving platform, not all features may be available immediately.

· Reliance on this type of tool could lessen the personal touch in investment dealings.

For more information on how Hercule can be your partner in investment, consider joining the waitlist to start streamlining your investment process.

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