Headshots AI

Create Stunning AI-Generated Headshots

In the digital age, your online profile picture can be just as important as a firm handshake was in the past. Whether you're updating your LinkedIn profile, building a portfolio, or just want to have a professional image on social media, you know how crucial a good headshot is. But getting that headshot can be an ordeal – finding a photographer, scheduling a session, and of course, the cost associated. That's where this AI-powered headshot creation tool steps in to make your life simpler and your profile shinier.

Easy Steps to Your New Headshot

Getting your professional AI-generated headshot is a seamless process:

  1. Upload Your Images: You begin by providing the tool with more than four high-quality selfies. Make sure they're front-facing, with clear visibility of your face, and taken without glasses or hats to obtain the best results.

  2. AI Does Its Magic: Within about 20 minutes, the sophisticated AI algorithm works through your photos to develop your personalized headshot model. You can relax while the AI does its job and wait for an email notification signaling that your headshots are ready.

  3. Download Your Headshots: Once the AI has completed its task and your model is ready, you'll have access to impressive, high-definition headshots that can instantly improve your online presence.

Flexible Pricing Plans To Suit Your Needs

The tool comes with various pricing tiers to cater to everyone from individuals to seasoned professionals:

  • Starter Plan: This plan provides you with 4 AI-generated headshots, perfect for someone just wanting to dip their toes into improving their online persona.

  • Basic Plan: Designed with professionals in mind, this plan gives you 12 headshots, ideal for those who may want to update their images more frequently.

  • Premium Plan: If you're after the full suite of options, the Premium Plan includes 20 headshots and is the best value for those who want to have a variety of images for different platforms or purposes.

The Technology Behind the Scenes

The headshot tool is built on open-source technology, including Leap AI, Supabase, and Vercel, ensuring reliable performance and consistent quality outputs for your professional images. These technologies empower the tool to process your images with speed and precision, providing you with a top-tier product.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick and easy process with an efficient turnaround of about 20 minutes
  • High-quality, professional-grade headshots without the need for a photographer
  • Multiple pricing options to meet various needs and budgets


  • Limited control over the final image compared to a traditional photoshoot
  • Requires high-quality selfie input, which might be a challenge for some users
  • The AI might not fully capture the personality as a human photographer could

In conclusion, if you're in need of a professional headshot and are looking for a quick, cost-effective solution, this AI-powered headshot tool might just be what you're after. With a straightforward process and the magic of AI, you can obtain quality images that will enhance your online image and potentially pave the way for better professional opportunities.

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