Introducing Hatchet: Your AI Incident Response Partner

In the fast-paced world of technology, incidents and outages are inevitable. However, the ability to quickly resolve these issues is what sets a responsive service apart. This is where Hatchet comes into play—an advanced AI tool tailored for incident response, constructed by a team of expert engineers.

Understanding Hatchet

Hatchet isn't your ordinary monitoring tool; it's like having an AI partner with an in-depth understanding of your system. It efficiently processes observability data, enabling you to address incidents briskly.

When you receive a critical alert, Hatchet dives in, analyzing logs, communication channels, and code to not only identify issues but also to propose actionable solutions.

Key Features


Fast Incident Resolution: Hatchet ingests data from logs, codebases, and knowledge hubs, enabling you to address tier-1 service pages rapidly.


Intuitive Triage and Investigation: By pointing Hatchet towards your logs—from S3 buckets to DataDog—it sifts through and traces possible investigative pathways, offering code fixes when required.


Data Security: Hatchet values your data's security. It's designed to be trained on-premises, functioning wholly within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) without telemetry. Rest assured, your sensitive information remains secure, complemented by self-hosted deployments, permissions, and audit trails.


Ease of Integration: Integrating Hatchet into your existing alert system is simple. You plug it into the entry point, link it to your service's logs, and let it work its magic.

Who Is Hatchet For?

Hatchet excels in environments where tier-1 services are essential, particularly within Series B - D companies. If you're encountering noisy on-call periods and urgent issues that need rapid attention, Hatchet can significantly enhance your workflow.


· Streamlined Response: Incident response is drastically faster as Hatchet automates the triage and investigation process.

· Improved Accuracy: With its AI capabilities, Hatchet minimizes human error and enhances troubleshooting accuracy.

· Enhanced Productivity: Engineers can focus on critical tasks as Hatchet manages routine incident evaluations.

· Secure Solutions: Adheres to stringent data security protocols to keep your operations safe.


· Complex Integration: Some businesses might find initial setup and integration to be complex.

· AI Dependency: There may be a learning curve or reliance on AI for issue resolution, which could be a concern for some.


How does Hatchet ensure optimal security?

Hatchet employs Code Llama 2 and other advanced measures to reinforce security protocols, ensuring that data security is always a top priority.

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