Discover HappyDiffusion: Quick and Private AI-Powered Image Creation

Welcome to the world of instant artistic expression! HappyDiffusion is a powerful web-based tool designed for anyone who loves to experiment with digital art or needs high-quality images at the click of a button.

What Is HappyDiffusion?

HappyDiffusion utilizes the innovative Stable Diffusion technology to deliver a seamless image generating experience right in your browser. Now, regardless of whether you're on a desktop or mobile device, you can start creating in just a minute—without any complex setup procedures.

Over 2 million images have already been generated by more than 50,000 satisfied users who have leveraged the capabilities of this convenient and fast tool.

Unique Features

Here's why HappyDiffusion stands out in the digital image generation field:


Your privacy is our top priority. Rest assured that all the artwork you create is yours alone. The images you generate are not stored and are permanently deleted from the virtual machine as soon as your session is over.


With the use of the market's fastest GPUs like the NVIDIA A100, this tool ensures that not a second of your creative process is wasted. In fact, you can generate more than 7000 images within an hour!


HappyDiffusion has incorporated over 50 highly-ranked image models into the Automatic1111 Web UI platform. Moreover, you're free to load as many custom image models as you wish from Civitai for an even more personalized touch.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Choose from simple hourly plans tailored to your needs and budget:

  • Fast Plan ($1/hr):

  • 50+ Top Ranked Image Models

  • Generate over 1500 Images Per Hour

  • Fully Dedicated GPU

  • No SDXL Model

  • NVIDIA RTX A4000 with 16 GB VRAM

  • Rapid Plan ($2.50/hr):

  • Includes all Fast Plan features

  • Over 3000 Images Per Hour

  • SDXL Model Present

  • 2x NVIDIA T4 with 32GB VRAM

  • Beast Plan ($4.50/hr):

  • All previous plan features

  • Over 7000 Images Per Hour

  • 2x NVIDIA A100 with 80GB VRAM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Custom Models: Yes, you can load custom image models.
  • Privacy: Your data is private, and images are deleted after the session ends.
  • User Interface: HappyDiffusion uses the Automatic1111 Web UI.
  • Custom Model Requests: Users can request for custom models to be added.
  • Hardware: The service runs on high-end GPUs to ensure speed and efficiency.
  • Image Generation Limit: There are no limits—create as many images as you can!
  • Mobile Browsers: HappyDiffusion works smoothly on mobile browsers.
  • Commercial Use: Yes, the images you generate can be used commercially.
  • Community: Join a community of creatives who share your passion.

Get Started with HappyDiffusion

Whether you're a digital artist, a marketer in need of rapid content creation, or just someone fascinated by the AI-driven art world, HappyDiffusion is ready to transform your ideas into stunning visual pieces. Tap into the power of AI and let your creativity soar!

Start using Stable Diffusion now and join the creative revolution!

HappyDiffusion: Your Partner in Innovation and Creativity

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