Habit Driven

Embrace Lasting Change with Habit Driven

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, Habit Driven is the mobile application engineered to help you establish and maintain positive habits. Through personalized assistance from an innovative AI-Coach, the app provides the foundation to not only track your habits but also gain deep insights that support your journey towards personal growth and achievement.

Habit-Forming Made Simple

Habit Driven distinguishes itself with an easy-to-use interface that promises a straightforward experience for setting and tracking habits:

  • Advanced habit tracking options cater to your preferences, whether you're monitoring the number of pages you've read or the satisfaction level of your daily activities.
  • Integration of your data into actionable reports and summaries provides an overview of your progress and outlines the next steps in your development.
  • Assistance from a personal chatbot that recommends the best habits to keep up with helps to diversify the areas of self-improvement you tackle.

You can stay connected with your goals through text or voice commands, which simplify the habit-tracking process.

Exclusive Benefits for Founding Members

Taking on a more committed role within Habit Driven comes with its perks:

  • A special, one-time payment option of $99 grants you lifetime access, bypassing any future subscription fees.
  • Exclusive participation in online events with special viewing capabilities.
  • A unique chance to engage with other proactive founding members in our active Discord community.

By becoming a founding member, you not only gain access to these features but also contribute to shaping the future of the application.

Join Habit Driven and Amplify Your Growth

With Habit Driven, you'll discover a wealth of content and community support:

  • Receive updates on personal development, including success stories and expert strategies.
  • Interact and share experiences with others dedicated to improving their lives in a multitude of areas such as relationships, productivity, health and fitness, finances, and mindfulness.

The app's extensive library, enriched by renowned experts, serves as a continuous source of inspiration and knowledge.

Meet The Visionary: Mike Jalonen

The brain behind Habit Driven, Mike Jalonen, brings over two decades of experience in growing successful software ventures. His passion for self-improvement and determination to help others transform their lives has culminated in the creation of Habit Driven.


At its core, Habit Driven is a tool designed to help you create better habits, reach your goals, and fundamentally upgrade your lifestyle. With AI-powered analyses and a supportive community, Habit Driven stands as an ally on the path to a more productive and fulfilling life.

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