Meet Guru – The AI-Powered Chat Partner on WhatsApp

Are you in search of a dependable virtual pal who can chat with you at any time of the day, answer your queries, help you with recommendations, and much more, right from your WhatsApp? Say hello to Guru, the personal chatbot revolutionizing how we interact with artificial intelligence.

What's Special about Guru?

Effortless Start:

With just one tap, you can activate Guru on your WhatsApp and dive into an immersive chatting experience.

Conversation at Its Best:

Guru is designed to simulate natural, human-like dialogues. Engage in meaningful conversations across various topics without feeling like you're talking to a machine.

An All-in-One Companion:

Whether you're in need of some creative brainstorming, searching for the hottest tech news, or just curious about a topic, Guru is there to assist.

Why Trust Guru?

Guru stands out by being more than just an AI; it's built using the official API of ChatGPT, which is known for its ability to understand context and engage in fluid conversations. This makes Guru a top contender in the AI chatbot space with responses that are not only accurate but also sound natural and engaging.

Designed for Privacy:

Your privacy is paramount, which is why conversations with Guru are encrypted and your personal data is not stored or shared.

Always Available:

Guru's virtual doors are open 24/7, providing instant answers and allowing for follow-up questions to ensure you get the detailed information you need.

Wise and Well-Informed:

Got questions? Guru acts as your very own encyclopedia with a knack for clarity and helpfulness.

Pricing Made Simple:

Experience the full suite of features Guru has to offer with straightforward pricing options. A flat, monthly fee with no hidden charges ensures you can focus on enjoying your intelligent sidekick without financial surprises.

· Pro Plan:

· Monthly: $15

· Yearly: Introductory offer of $60 (equivalent to $9.99/month)

Users are welcomed with the first 20 questions free, and the fair-usage policy ensures everyone gets the guidance they need.

Common Inquiries:

Understanding Guru:

Guru seamlessly integrates the power of advanced natural language processing to understand your needs and provide comprehensive answers.


This AI sidekick is always on duty, never needing a break, ready to serve you day and night.

While perfection isn't claimed, Guru's accuracy is remarkable and it's continually learning to improve the quality of its responses.

Security Assurance:

Rest easy knowing your interactions with Guru are protected and handled with the highest regard for security.

Start Conversing with Guru:

Eager to make Guru a part of your daily life? It takes only one simple click to launch Guru on WhatsApp and begin this exciting journey together.

Curious? Get in Touch:

Should your mind wander to questions not listed, reach out with your curiosity. Guru and its human support are within reach for any additional information or assistance.

Welcome Guru into your life and experience the comfort of having a smart, responsive, and understanding AI friend tucked right into your WhatsApp chats.

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