Guide.AI is an innovative platform that allows anyone to create smartphone-based audio guides in multiple languages for any location, completely free of charge. This is made possible through advanced AI text-to-speech technology. Whether you're an individual with a great idea for a guide, or part of an organization that runs an attraction, Guide.AI aims to make the experience of creating and accessing audio guides inclusive and accessible for all.


· Inclusivity: Guide.AI's automatic translation feature covers 12 foreign languages, emphasizing its focus on making audio guides widely accessible.

· High-Quality Guides: The platform consistently delivers high-quality audio guides, ensuring a great experience for all visitors.

· Accessibility: Guide.AI is particularly effective in enhancing accessibility for partially sighted visitors without requiring any time-consuming recordings or complex technical skills.

· Passive Income: Once guides are published, they have the potential to generate additional income for the authors, creating a passive revenue stream.

How It Works:

· User-Friendly Interface: The app and website are both extremely user-friendly, and you can even test your guide on the app before publishing it.

· Finance Models: Guide.AI offers different finance models to suit everyone, whether you're an individual or an organization.

· Author Support: The platform offers support for authors, including the option to have Guide.AI create the audio guide for them if they're short on time.

Supporting Partially Sighted Visitors:

Guide.AI aims to offer the extra support that partially sighted visitors may need when accessing attractions and destinations. They allow authors to create dedicated guides for partially sighted visitors without any additional cost or penalties, encouraging inclusivity and accessibility.

Pros and Cons:


· Highly inclusive, with a focus on supporting partially sighted visitors.

· Offers passive income potential for the authors.

· User-friendly interface and quick guide creation process.


· AI-generated audio may not have the same emotional connection as human narration.

· Limited to smartphone-based audio guides.

In conclusion, Guide.AI is a game-changer in the world of audio guides. Its focus on inclusivity, ease of use, and passive income potential makes it a valuable tool for both creators and users. By leveraging AI technology, they have made the process of creating and accessing audio guides simple and accessible for everyone. If you have a great idea for an audio guide or want to make your attraction more accessible, Guide.AI might just be the perfect solution for you.

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