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Grow with AI Powered Marketing Automation Software

May 17, 2024
Grow with AI Powered Marketing Automation Software

In the world of digital marketing, efficiency and personalization are key. That's where Ortto steps in—an innovative AI marketing platform that aims to supercharge your customer engagement strategy.

Ortto is designed as a comprehensive solution that unifies your customer data for better segmentation, engages audiences throughout the customer lifecycle, and understands your customers deeply through powerful analytics. But it's more than just a data platform; this tool is about making real connections with real people through intelligent automation.

Features of Ortto

  • Email Marketing: Utilize AI email tools that suggest subject lines and predict open rates to ensure your message makes an impact.
  • SMS Marketing: Engage your audience with smart content recommendations for your texts.
  • Push Notifications: Create notifications that stand out with AI-assisted messaging strategies.
  • Live Chat: Keep conversations flowing with auto-generated content that offers quick and accurate replies from your website or help docs.
  • Knowledge Base: A resource hub that keeps growing with user-driven content and AI insights.
  • In-App Messages: Stay connected to your app users with targeted communication.
  • Popups, Forms & Surveys: Gain valuable insights and leads with tools that attract and engage.
  • Lead Scoring: Prioritize your efforts with scored leads based on interactions and engagements.
  • Security & Privacy: Rest assured that your data is protected with a commitment to security practices.

With Ortto, not only can you enjoy these features but also the confidence that they are continually being updated and improved.

Artificial Intelligence at the Core

At the heart of Ortto is a neural net tailor-made for marketers. This AI integrates seamlessly across the platform, enhancing your creative workflow. Whether it's crafting compelling email subjects or optimizing messages on the fly for SMS or push notifications, Ortto's AI is there to amplify your marketing efforts.

Training That Makes a Difference

Ortto doesn't just provide canned responses; it allows you to train the AI model with your content, which means its suggestions are finely tuned to be relevant and effective for your specific business needs.

Designed for Marketers at Every Level

Whether you're a marketing maven or a newcomer to the field, Ortto's resources and academy can help you make the most of AI marketing tools. It's a platform that grows with you as you learn how to weave AI into your marketing master plan.

Connect with Ortto

Curious to see it in action? Ortto makes it easy to explore its features with a free trial or a guided demo, inviting businesses to become part of the 3,000+ already experiencing the Ortto difference.

In Summary

Ortto's AI marketing software is more than just a set of tools—it's a companion that assists with copywriting, content generation, and customer engagement. By embracing AI marketing software, companies can see the benefit of heightened productivity, personalized customer journeys, and ultimately, more impactful marketing campaigns. With Ortto, innovation in marketing is not just a promise; it's a practice.

Pros and Cons of Using Ortto


  • AI integration for seamless marketing workflow optimizations.
  • Training the AI with your content ensures highly personalized suggestions.
  • A rich suite of tools for marketing automation across various channels.
  • Secure and privacy-conscious platform for customer data.
  • Resources available for learning and maximizing the platform's potential.


  • The AI's effectiveness may depend on the quality and quantity of the data it is trained on.
  • There might be a learning curve for those new to using AI-powered tools.
  • Advanced features might require a deeper understanding or experience in marketing.

With Ortto, businesses can look forward to not only meeting but exceeding their marketing goals through smart, AI-driven strategies.

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