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November 7, 2023

Greenlite: The AI-Powered Staff Augmentation Tool for Compliance Teams

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually reviewing alerts, conducting investigations, and verifying data as part of your financial crime compliance operations? Greenlite is here to help! This revolutionary tool leverages the power of artificial intelligence to augment your compliance team, freeing up human capacity for more strategic work.

What is Greenlite?

Greenlite is a software platform designed to automate routine investigative tasks within financial crime teams. By using generative AI, it offers an unparalleled level of support to compliance teams, allowing them to focus on high-leverage work instead of getting bogged down by repetitive tasks.

How Does It Work?

Greenlite agents are trained on the playbooks of some of the world’s best financial crime investigators and are capable of using over 200 data sources to conduct high-quality investigations. They can quickly learn your company-specific policies, tools, and systems to be effective from day one, even integrating seamlessly with your current monitoring systems.

Why Choose Greenlite?

Instant Capacity

One of the standout benefits of Greenlite is its ability to add instant capacity to your AML team, enabling you to support more customers with intelligent automation. It can be deployed in less than 2 weeks and is ready to work with your existing systems.

Unparalleled Return on Investment

Greenlite helps you investigate more high-risk activities in less time, which means you can support more customers with less overhead. This translates to a reduction in costs and the ability to close compliance gaps effectively.

Customer Testimonials

Greenlite has already gained the trust and love of compliance leaders, CEOs, and product teams around the world:

  • Aditya Haripurkar, CEO at HitPay, mentioned how Greenlite helps them scale their compliance operations without throwing more people at the problem, ultimately strengthening their regulatory posture while growing fast.

  • Grace Moloney, Head of Compliance and Financial Crime at Avian Labs, emphasized how Greenlite massively reduces the time spent on manual reviews, allowing them to focus on more strategic work like program development and market expansion.

  • Ryan Tite, AML Product Lead at BridgeTrust, referred to Greenlite as a game-changer for the financial crime industry, acknowledging how their AI helps them meet their high regulatory standards in a fraction of the time.

Use Cases

Greenlite offers tailor-made agents to the areas that need instant attention. Some potential uses are:

  • Investigating alerts from existing systems, 24/7
  • Going through historic alerts to eliminate backlogs in less time
  • Verifying data submitted by business customers at onboarding
  • Writing audit-ready narratives for existing investigations in seconds
  • Reviewing transaction monitoring alerts, 24/7
  • Reviewing high-risk customers using open source, private, and internal data


Greenlite is a real game-changer for compliance teams, making it possible to work smarter, not harder. By leveraging this AI-powered tool, your organization can streamline compliance operations, reduce costs, and achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency.

If you're looking to cut through the mundane and repetitive tasks within your compliance operations, and instead focus on adding value to your business, Greenlite is the perfect solution for you.

Why compromise when you can have Greenlite to scale compliance operations and cut costs effectively?

So, what are you waiting for? Request a demo and discover how Greenlite can revolutionize your compliance operations!

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