HomeFeaturesBlogPricingDocumentationFree ToolsFAQSign In Check out the Chrome extension →Chat with the latest AI models in VSCodeManage your team's code snippets, visualize your codebase, effortlessly refactor complex code, and optimize your team's performance.Get started for freeJoin us on Discord → Code faster than everGet AI responses to your questions. Fast.Simple. Create Documentation, Refactor, Debug and Generate code with the click of a button.Speed. Code up to 10x faster with Code Snippets AI. Spend more time creating code, and less time debugging.Get started 🚀A better snippets libraryEasily store and fetch snippetsSecurely save code and easily fetch it whenever you need it.Accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection and a nice hot cup of coffee.Efficient. Save your code from your IDE straight into your library with our VSCode extension.Organized. Search snippets by language, name or folder. Create your own folder structure to suit your needs.Share your codeCollaborate with your teamShare. Easily save and share your private code snippets with your whole team.Any OS. No more compatibility issues or time wasted formatting code, get more done in less time.Get started 🚀Check out our featuresand join 26,000+ developersWe’re proud to have helped developers like you - write better code, and we’re excited to help you do the same.Join the AI revolution!Generate code💡Generate functions or whole snippets with AI, super helpful for boilerplate or repetitive tasks.Share with your team👩‍👧‍👦Save your code snippets for easy access and collaboration with your team.Refactor & debug🐛Identify performance bottlenecks in your code, and AI will suggest ways to optimize it.Choose your AI model✅Boost your productivity with your choice of GPT-4, ChatGPT or Google PaLM2.Code analysis💻Generate detailed documentation in just a few clicks. Sit back and let the AI do the rest.Find & fix errors🚩Reduce frustration and increase efficiency with the power of AI.Auto save💾From editing to formatting, our system will save your progress without prompting.Secure & private🔐Keep your code safe in your personal snippets library, with end-to-end encryption.Pick a plan that's right for youMonthlyYearly Developers$4/MonthlyBest for developers looking to code faster.1 million GPT-3.5 Tokens16k GPT-3.5 Token limitPriority AI requestsStore 20 snippetsGet startedProfessionals$10/MonthlyAccess to all AI models: GPT-4, GPT-3.5 & Google Codey (PaLM2)Unlimited* GPT-3.5 Tokens16k GPT-3.5 Token limit200k GPT-4 Tokens8k GPT-4 Token limitGoogle Codey (PaLM 2)All features of Developers PlanShare Unlimited snippets with your teamMore accurate responsesGet startedPower Users$30/Monthly4x Amount of GPT-4 tokens per user.Unlimited* GPT-3.5 Tokens16k GPT-3.5 Token limit800k GPT-4 Tokens32k GPT-4 Token limitGoogle Codey (PaLM 2)All features of Professionals PlanShare Unlimited snippets with your teamMore accurate responsesGet started* Unlimited Tokens are Rate Limited so as to not overload the system. For more info, see OpenAI GuidelinesFrequently Asked QuestionsWhat makes Code Snippets AI different?Our extension, and platform is tailored to Teams of developers that need to share Company/Codebase Specific code snippets. We NEVER share or use your Code to further train the AI Models. ALL code that you send in requests to the AI models we offer, and store within your Code Snippets Library, i

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