Discover the Convenience of GPT SMS: Your AI Assistant via Text Messaging

In a world where technology leaps forward each day, finding straightforward ways to tap into the latest advancements without the need for cutting-edge gadgets is a welcoming thought. GPT SMS makes this possible by combining the intelligence of AI with the ubiquity of SMS. This innovative service lets users interact with an AI-powered assistant via text messaging, offering a new level of accessibility and convenience.

Harnessing the Power of OpenAI

At the core of GPT SMS lies the prowess of OpenAI's language models. The service utilizes these powerful AI tools to understand and respond to a vast array of inquiries and commands sent through SMS. This means that regardless of where you are or what kind of mobile device you have, as long as you can send a text message, you can engage with an intelligent AI assistant.

Designed for Everyone

GPT SMS is truly inclusive, aiming to serve a diverse user base. It is especially valuable for those without constant internet access or those who prefer the simplicity and reliability of SMS over online chatbots. Whether you're out in the countryside or simply away from Wi-Fi, your AI companion is just a text away.

Currently Available Numbers

As of now, the service is accessible through a dedicated phone number for users in France:

· France: +33 6 44 63 56 14 (Standard SMS rates apply, approximately 0.09€ per message)

Continuous Development and Improvement

The team behind GPT SMS is constantly striving to enhance the service. From adding features to improving stability, the goal is to make the AI assistant smarter, more reliable, and more responsive. While the service is in active development, users might occasionally encounter downtime or disruptions, and your understanding is highly appreciated.

Supporting the Project

With user support, the infrastructure that powers GPT SMS can be maintained and improved, allowing for more phone numbers across the globe and enhancing the platform to better cater to user needs. Contributions to the project can make a significant impact in reaching these goals and extending the service to a wider audience.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to know more about the project, reaching out is as easy as sending an email to:

· Email Contact:

You can also explore the technical side of the project via the GitHub Repository to understand how it all comes together.

Pros & Cons of Using GPT SMS


· Accessibility: Users without internet can still access AI-powered assistance.

· Convenience: Interacting with an AI is as simple as sending a text message.

· Inclusivity: Ideal for a wide range of users, including those with older technology.


· Limited Availability: The service is currently only available in France, with expansion plans in the works.

· Development Stage: Users may experience occasional service interruptions.

· Cost: Standard SMS charges apply, which might add up depending on usage.

In conclusion, GPT SMS brings the power of AI into the palm of your hand, through a medium familiar to nearly everyone: SMS. As the project blooms and evolves, it could redefine the way we interact with AI, making it a handy tool for information and assistance, anywhere and at any time.

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