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GPT Hotline

November 22, 2023
GPT Hotline

Interact with the world's smartest AI on your favorite messaging app by connecting with the advanced chatbot directly through WhatsApp. Learn all about GPT Hotline, the AI-powered tool that will revolutionize the way you use messaging apps.

Instant Messaging Made Easy

  • Message the AI bot anytime, anywhere
  • Continue previous conversations or start new ones with ease
  • Search through past conversations effortlessly
  • Share your chat history with friends easily

Power Commands

  • Use special commands to create, edit images, videos, and stay updated on the latest news
  • Get real or AI-generated images and videos
  • Edit images using simple instructions
  • Use speech-to-text functionality to send voice messages

An AI Assistant in Your Pocket

  • Use GPT-3 capabilities on WhatsApp
  • No need for flaky apps when you can rely on the best messaging platform
  • Develop a more personal connection with the AI
  • Set reminders for yourself and get notified when the time comes

How It Works

  1. Sign up for the GPT Pro Plan
  2. Register your phone number
  3. Start texting your AI assistant!

With GPT Hotline, you'll have access to the world's most powerful AI right at your fingertips. No need to switch from one app to another—the AI capabilities are available directly through WhatsApp.


  • Seamless integration with WhatsApp
  • Advanced AI capabilities including image and video editing
  • Speech-to-text functionality for a more personalized experience
  • Easy access to previous conversations and chat history


  • Limited language support for speech-to-text functionality, currently only available in English
  • Requires a subscription to the GPT Pro Plan for full access

Ready to enhance your messaging experience? Use the code PHSALE for 20% off the pro plan for the first month and start enjoying the convenience and power of GPT Hotline now.

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