GPT for Slides

Are you struggling to create professional presentation slides for work, school, or personal use? It can be time-consuming and challenging. But now, there's a new tool to make your life easier. Let us introduce you to GPT for Slides, an AI-powered tool that allows you to create presentation slides in seconds.

How It Works

Using GPT for Slides is easy. Here's a simple guide to get started and create your first presentation with AI:

  1. Get Started: Install the GPT for Slides Addon from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

  2. Create Your First Presentation with AI: Once installed, open any Google Slide or create a new one. Then, navigate to Extensions > MagicSlides App > Open. Input your topic and reference text, recommended for better results.

  3. Export and Share: After generating your presentation, export it to MS PowerPoint or share it directly from Google Slides.


GPT for Slides comes with a variety of features to make your presentation creation process seamless and efficient:

  • Support for 100+ languages
  • Web scraping capabilities
  • Wikipedia integration
  • Conversion of URLs and YouTube content into presentation slides
  • AI-powered image creation
  • Easy chart and text creation in seconds

Pros and Cons

As with any tool, there are pros and cons to consider when using GPT for Slides.


  • Saves time and effort in creating presentations
  • Offers a wide range of features for various content types
  • Easily integrates with Google Workspace
  • Supports multiple languages, making it versatile for global users


  • Lack of advanced customization options
  • Limited integrations with other presentation platforms

Final Thoughts

With GPT for Slides, you can streamline the process of creating beautiful presentations in no time. Whether you're a student, a professional, or someone looking to jazz up their slides for any purpose, GPT for Slides has you covered. Give it a try and experience the magic for yourself.

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