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Discovering the Essence of YouTube Videos Instantly with YOU-TLDR

In our digital age, information overload is a common challenge, and YouTube is no different. With hours of content uploaded every minute, it can be tough to find the time to watch everything that interests us. This is where a nifty tool comes to the rescue—YOU-TLDR. It's like having a speed-reading capability for YouTube videos, providing the too-long-didn't-read (TLDR) essence of any video in just seconds.

Simplify Your Learning and Entertainment

Imagine you're researching a topic, and there's a plethora of videos to explore. Or maybe you're just trying to catch up on your favorite creator's content but are short on time. YOU-TLDR serves as your personal video digest assistant. By giving you the core insights quickly, it lets you stay informed and entertained without the time commitment.

A Handy GPT Calculator to Estimate Costs

In addition to YOU-TLDR, the GPT Calculator is another useful tool available on the platform. Those who utilize language processing services know how budgets can spiral with the cost of token usage. The GPT Calculator is designed to provide an easy way to calculate the token count and cost associated with your GPT prompts. Moreover, developers looking to integrate this feature can also leverage the provided API.

Engaging with Advanced Language Models

The website offers interaction with cutting-edge language models, including GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and GPT-3 (Ada). These are some of the most advanced AI models available, opening doors to impressive language understanding and generation capabilities. Users can submit prompt text and engage with these models to explore their functionalities.

Created with Care

Behind the scenes, the tools on the platform are crafted with dedication. The developer, Bilal Tahir, has designed them to offer convenience and value for those engaging with video content and language processing. It's all about enhancing productivity and streamlining the assimilation of information.

Balancing the Scales


· YOU-TLDR can save a significant amount of time.

· Get the essence of videos without watching them in full.

· The GPT Calculator helps manage and forecast the costs of GPT prompts.

· Access to leading-edge AI language models.

· An API is available for developers.


· Summaries may not capture the nuances of the original video content.

· The cost prediction relies on accurate token count, which might fluctuate.

In Summary

We all seek ways to optimize our time and effort. YOU-TLDR and the accompanying GPT Calculator are tools designed to aid in that quest. By distilling YouTube videos into digestible summaries and demystifying GPT token costs, they cater to both information consumers and language AI enthusiasts. This platform is a step towards embracing efficiency without sacrificing the depth of our digital experiences.

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