Building Connections in a Remote World with GoProfiles

In today's work environment, fostering a sense of connection among remote employees can be challenging. Thankfully, tools like GoProfiles are here to bridge that gap. GoProfiles has ingeniously combined elements of employee directories with peer recognition, creating a unique space that bolsters teamwork and familiarity, even when miles apart.

The heart of GoProfiles lies in its ability to bring people data to life. Traditional directories list names and titles, but GoProfiles goes one step further. It enables users to create rich profiles that highlight not just their roles, but also their achievements, personalities, and 'stories' within the company. This deeper understanding can lead to closer collaborations and a more connected workforce.

Boosting Interactivity with Cutting-edge Tech

The integration of AI into GoProfiles transforms the way employees interact. The AI-powered search allows team members to ask and answer questions seamlessly, effectively shrinking distances and making distributed teams feel more like a tight-knit community. It's innovations like these that help maintain the 'human touch' in an increasingly digital workspace.

Celebrate Every Success

Regular recognition is essential for a positive work culture. GoProfiles includes a peer appreciation feature, allowing employees to give 'Bravos' for a job well done. This simple yet impactful feature can significantly enhance morale and motivate the team.

The Power of Visualization

Understanding the layout of a global team can be intricate. With GoProfiles, users can visualize their distributed teams on a global map, providing context and a better grasp of the company's geographical reach. Furthermore, the platform's org chart and directory features offer clarity on internal structures, simplifying navigation through the company's hierarchy.

Efficiency Meets Integration

Updating employee information manually can be a thing of the past with GoProfiles. It syncs seamlessly across various HRIS platforms, refreshing records automatically. This automation is a game-changer, saving countless hours of admin time.

Moreover, users can integrate GoProfiles into their workflow without friction. For those familiar with GoLinks, accessing any profile is as intuitive as typing a short command in the address bar. There's even a handy browser extension that places GoProfiles just a click away.

Information at Your Fingertips

GoProfiles doesn't just stop at connections. It's a haven for resources, offering memorable short links for instant resource access and streamlined search capabilities across work applications, thanks to generative AI.


  • Rich Employee Profiles: Offers a more personalized touch beyond standard directories.
  • AI-Powered Search: Streamlines the process of finding information and connecting with colleagues.
  • Peer Recognition: Fosters a positive and engaging work culture.
  • Visualization Tools: Helps understand team distribution and organizational structure.
  • Seamless Integration: Auto-syncs with HRIS platforms, reducing administrative work.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may need time to adjust to the numerous features and AI integrations.
  • Dependence on Tech: Heavily reliant on technology, which could be a hurdle in areas with connectivity issues.

Trusted by thousands of enterprises and startups, GoProfiles is the go-to platform for those seeking to enhance employee engagement and simplify access to resources. To experience this transformative tool, consider booking a demo or trying it for free to start building stronger, more genuine connections in your workplace.

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