Explore GoProfiles: The New People Platform

In the modern workplace, fostering a sense of connection and community is more important than ever. With a significant portion of employees feeling disengaged and remote workers experiencing a sense of isolation, there's a clear need for solutions that bridge these gaps.

GoProfiles emerges as a response to such challenges, transforming how employees interact and engage with each other in a distributed workforce. This innovative platform is at the intersection of an employee directory and peer recognition tool, designed to cultivate a culture of genuine connection.

Humanizing Employee Information

GoProfiles goes beyond mere names and titles, offering information-rich profiles that spotlight employees' achievements, personalities, and history with your company. This personal touch allows team members to get to know each other on a deeper level, even when they're miles apart.

AI-Enhanced Interactivity

The platform harnesses the power of AI to enhance its interactivity, enabling users to discover connections and get answers to questions like, “Do we have employees in Colorado?” or “Who is on the sales team?”. These smart features streamline finding information and connecting with the right people within your organization.

Recognizing and Celebrating Successes

A positive workplace culture thrives on recognition and appreciation. GoProfiles offers a peer recognition system called Bravos, which makes it easy for employees to celebrate each other's wins and achievements, thus fostering a supportive environment.

Visualizing a Distributed Team

With teams spreading across different regions, GoProfiles provides a global map to visualize the geographical distribution of remote colleagues, whether they're a short drive away or on the other side of the world.

Clarifying Organization Structure

Understanding a company's hierarchy can often be confusing. GoProfiles offers clear org charts, directories, and employee maps that empower teammates to explore connections and reporting lines within the organization.

Seamless Data Integration

The platform also boasts the ability to automate employee data synchronization from various HR Information Systems (HRIS), ensuring that the employee records are always up-to-date with minimal effort.

Effortless Profile Access

For those already using GoLinks, GoProfiles integrates seamlessly. Typing go/@name in the address bar instantly directs to an employee's profile. Plus, a browser extension for GoProfiles enables you to view profiles without interrupting your workflow.

Trusted by thousands of enterprises and startups alike, GoProfiles offers a suite of purpose-built solutions that include:

  • Memorable Short Links: Create and share easy-to-remember links that swiftly connect to resources.
  • Enterprise Search: An AI-powered search bar that allows you to search across your apps with AI-driven results.
  • People Knowledge: Discover detailed information about your colleagues, give recognition, and celebrate their successes, aided by AI technology.

In today's work climate, maintaining a connected and engaged workforce is critical for the success of any company. GoProfiles presents itself as a versatile, intuitive tool designed to meet these needs. By integrating sophisticated AI with user-friendly features, it may well become an invaluable asset for companies looking to strengthen their culture and collaborative spirit.

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