Glide: Your Gateway to Simpler AI Integration in Apps

In today's tech-driven landscape, businesses are continuously searching for ways to enhance their operations with artificial intelligence. However, the path to integrating AI can often appear daunting. This is where Glide steps into the scene, revolutionizing the way businesses approach AI-powered solutions.

Seamless AI Integration

Glide offers a unique platform, allowing any business to harness the power of AI with remarkable ease. With Glide, integrating AI into your apps is as straightforward as adding a new column on a spreadsheet. There's no need to grapple with complex APIs or manage various prompts and models. Glide streamlines the process for you, so you don't have to worry about the technicalities of prompt management, model selection, or caching results to save on costs and enhance performance.

Transform How Your Business Utilizes Data

The versatility of Glide is truly impressive. Here's a glimpse of what you can do with Glide AI:


Generate Text: Create compelling customer emails, snappy product descriptions, and succinct summaries in a snap.


Image to Text: Convert visual data from images, such as text in manuals and receipts, into an editable format.


Text to Structured Data: Easily transform unstructured text into categorized data with conversions to dates, numbers, booleans, and choices.


Audio to Text: Quickly transcribe audio clips into written form, perfect for meeting minutes or customer service recordings.

What Sets Glide AI Apart?


Managed Models: Glide AI smartly chooses the most suitable model for each task, so you're never left second-guessing your choice of technology.


Efficient Caching: With app-level caching, Glide AI enables company-wide reuse of results. This feature not only cuts down your costs but also boosts the performance of your operations.


Multimodal Abstraction: Glide AI isn't confined to just text. It flexibly employs different providers for text, images, audio, and documents, allowing you to focus on the outcomes rather than the underlying complexities.

Real businesses have reaped the benefits of Glide's straightforward approach. Trey Heath, President of Centerline, discovered that Glide's intuitive interface let them incorporate AI into their daily operations without a steep learning curve.

Kickstart Your AI Journey with Ease

To help you initiate your AI journey, Glide provides a host of resources:


AI Templates: Indulge in a collection of pre-built AI-powered templates that can fuel your ideas and get you started immediately.


Detailed Documentation: Discover the nuts and bolts of building AI-integrated apps through comprehensive Glide AI docs.


Video Tutorials: Master the art of leveraging AI for your business with step-by-step video guidance.

Eager to give Glide AI a whirl? The platform's beta version is now easily accessible to users on the Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans, and free previews are available via the template gallery.

Glide AI employs an impressive array of models including OpenAI, Azure ML, and Google Cloud, ensuring a seamless and impactful AI experience. Regardless of your data source, as long as it's supported by Glide, an AI transformation awaits just a Glide AI column away.

Indeed, those with existing apps on the Pro plan can effortlessly infuse them with the power of Glide AI, further extending the capabilities of their current tools.


In a landscape where AI can seem complex and inaccessible, Glide offers a bridge to tech advancement that is both user-friendly and powerful. Whether you’re looking to automate customer communications or streamline data handling, Glide provides the tools for business innovation without the traditional barriers. Glide not only empowers you to implement AI with simplicity but also ensures that it’s done with the utmost security and efficiency.

Discover more about Glide and how it can serve as the catalyst for your business's AI transformation.

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