Streamline Your Workspace with Glean: The Ultimate AI Work Assistant

In today's fast-paced work environment, productivity, and efficient information retrieval are more crucial than ever. Enter Glean, the revolutionary AI work assistant that's been boosting productivity and enhancing engagement for some of the world's leading organizations, from sprightly startups to members of the Fortune 50.

AI-Powered Workplace Search at Your Fingertips

Glean excels at transforming the way you search for information within your company. With the power of deep learning-based Large Language Models (LLMs), Glean delivers semantic understanding of your natural language queries. It does more than just scratch the surface—Glean continuously adapts, learning your company's unique language and context to enhance the relevance of search results. Best of all, it manages to do this automatically, negating the tedious process of manual adjustments.

· Seamless Search: Experience search that understands what you mean and finds exactly what you need.

· Adaptive Learning: Leverages company-specific learning for continually improved results.

· Auto-enhanced Relevance: Does away with the hassle of manual search tuning.

Conversations with Context - Generative AI for Modern Enterprises

Imagine a conversational assistant that doesn't just blindly follow commands but provides rich answers, insightful analyses, and concise summaries from an extensive array of your documents, discussions, tickets, and more. Glean comes with full referenceability, so you can always trace the origins of the information you receive. Rest easy knowing that the AI respects privacy, security, and permission settings, providing enterprise-level reliability.

· In-Depth Answers: Engage in dialogue with an AI that provides contextually rich results.

· Trusted Sources: Gain insights with the reassurance of full referenceability and security.

Personalized Intelligence - Your Knowledge, Tailored to You

Glean goes beyond being a mere search tool; it's equipped to build your company's own knowledge graph, understanding the relationships between people, content, and interaction nuances. The platform anticipates what you might need, suggests relevant information proactively, and identifies experts within your organization when new knowledge is required.

· Customized Content: Each search result is intelligently tailored to your role and needs.

· Proactive Suggestions: Glean preemptively offers information based on your activities and team trends.

Set Up is a Breeze

Glean prioritizes ease of use and integration. With support for over 100 connectors, it links seamlessly with the applications you're already familiar with. It respects and applies existing data permissions, ensuring compliance and security. Getting started with Glean is straightforward and doesn't necessitate any additional professional services, making it an accessible tool for companies of all sizes.

· Effortless Integration: Works with your current suite of tools and honors existing permissions.

· Scalable Solutions: Easily adapts to organizational needs, regardless of company size.

Real Results That Resonate

Users are discovering the tangible benefits of integrating Glean into their daily routines. On average, a Glean user makes around five searches per day, saving approximately 2 to 3 hours each week. Users from companies like Outreach and Grammarly have expressed how Glean aids in locating vital information swiftly, which is pivotal to enhancing their operational efficiency.

· Time Savings: Users save valuable hours weekly, adding to their productivity.

· User Endorsements: High praise from industry leaders highlights Glean’s practicality.

A Versatile Tool for Varied Teams

Glean has something for everyone. Whether you're an engineer needing to dig into technical specifications, a support agent in search of previous ticket solutions, or part of a team that thrives on shared knowledge, Glean is there to help you find your answers.

Pros and Cons of Glean


· Enhances search efficiency with AI-powered understanding.

· Saves time through personalized, predictive information delivery.

· Promotes security and data privacy.

· Easily integrates with numerous existing applications.

· Adapts to any team structure from engineering to customer support.


· Depending on company size and usage, costs could be a consideration.

· As with any AI, there might be a learning curve for the system to fully grasp company vernacular.

In conclusion, Glean stands out as a sophisticated, capable assistant for every workspace, eager to help you navigate through the data deluge and come out triumphant. Ready to elevate your work experience? Consider giving Glean a try and see how a seamlessly interconnected knowledge environment can transform your productivity.

For those who are curious and wish to see this assistant in action, Glean invites you to a demo, offering a closer look at the ways it can enhance your team's performance.

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