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November 9, 2023

Are you tired of writing complex SQL queries or waiting for your analysts to generate insights? Introducing GlazeGPT, an AI-powered data copilot that is fine-tuned to your specific database schema. This tool takes the hassle out of writing SQL queries and provides real-time insights for business leaders.

Trusted and Efficient

  • Trusted by industry leaders worldwide, GlazeGPT offers an impressive 11x ROI on your data budget.
  • With 100% automation, it is 10x faster than consulting an analyst for data queries.


  • GlazeGPT is designed for everyone in the team, allowing non-technical business managers to query databases without needing intervention from engineers or analysts.

High Accuracy

  • By utilizing fine-tuned LLMs and machine learning, GlazeGPT achieves an accuracy of over 99%, minimizing errors and inaccuracies commonly found in manual query writing.

Customized to Your Business

  • Tailored to understand specific industry and company terms, GlazeGPT ensures that all team members are working with a single source of truth for the most accurate results.

Fast Integration and Privacy

  • It only takes 30 minutes to integrate GlazeGPT with over 30 data sources, generating complex SQL queries that you can trust. Moreover, GlazeGPT ensures 100% privacy with fully compliant integration that keeps all your sensitive data secure.

Automated Alerts

  • Get real-time alerts on mission-critical KPIs, such as fraudulent transactions or on-time delivery rates, sent directly to your team's preferred platform, such as Slack, Google Chat, or Google Sheets.

Industry-Specific Capabilities

  • Designed to understand industry-specific terms, GlazeGPT is perfect for multiple sectors, including fintech, healthcare, edtech, and logistics, ensuring data privacy and tailored alert systems for each industry's needs.


  • Saves time and resources by automating SQL queries.
  • Ensures high accuracy with fine-tuned machine learning models.
  • Customizable to understand industry-specific terms and metrics.
  • Provides real-time alerts on critical KPIs for proactive measures.


  • May require initial training to fully integrate with specific company databases.
  • Users may still need some understanding of SQL for more in-depth query generation.

With its impressive accuracy, unmatched efficiency, and user-friendly platform, GlazeGPT is the go-to tool for enterprise analytics, providing a seamless and reliable solution to your data query needs. Whether you're in fintech, healthcare, edtech, or logistics, GlazeGPT has got you covered, ensuring valuable insights while maintaining data privacy and security.

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