In today's global marketplace, connecting with audiences in their native language is more important than ever. This is where GetGloby shines as a tool designed to help brands extend their reach across borders and cultures. By offering a powerful translation service, GetGloby assists brands in communicating with international markets by translating their marketing assets and campaigns into over a hundred languages.

How GetGloby Works

At the heart of GetGloby is a top-tier translation engine that combines machine translation prowess with transcreation techniques. Transcreation is not your average translation method. Instead of a word-for-word exchange, it adapts the content considering the cultural context and subtleties of both languages, preserving the original message's intent, style, and tone.

Customization to Fit Your Brand Voice

Understanding your brand's unique voice is crucial, and GetGloby rises to the occasion by offering customized translations that convey your message authentically to varying audiences. This ensures that your global marketing endeavors feel local and personalized.

Human Touch in Quality Assurance

To maintain the highest quality standards, GetGloby integrates native human reviewers into the process. These reviewers add their linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to fine-tune the translations, ensuring they are not only accurate but also resonate well with the target audience.

Broad Application Spectrum

Whether you're looking to translate Google ads, Bing search promotions, Meta's social ads, LinkedIn posts, TikTok videos, website content, or newsletters, GetGloby has you covered. It's a versatile tool that adapts to various platforms and formats, ensuring your message is consistent and clear across all your marketing channels.

Customer Success Stories

Many clients, such as Federico Correa, have attested to the benefits of using GetGloby. The platform has helped businesses cut costs, reduce implementation time, and witness a significant increase in ad quality scores, interaction rates, and overall ad rank growth.

Understanding GetGloby's Technology

Powered by AI with advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, GetGloby's technology, especially its Jaga® engine, is designed to meet the specialized needs of modern media translation tasks. It not only ensures linguistic accuracy but also optimizes translations for search trends and market performance.

Get Your Questions Answered

For anyone interested in learning more, GetGloby offers a comprehensive FAQ section covering its services, technology, and the concept of transcreation. You can understand in finer detail how this tool can transform your global marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, GetGloby is a robust solution for businesses looking to make meaningful connections with audiences in new markets around the world. It's about speaking to people in a voice they understand, with a message that strikes the right tone, effectively closing any language and cultural gaps.

For businesses that are meticulous about maintaining the integrity of their brand while expanding globally, the service provided by GetGloby is not just helpful, it can be an integral part of a successful international strategy.

For further details on how GetGloby can benefit your business, or to try the service for free, you can easily access support, contact options, and additional documentation via the company website.

Pros and Cons of GetGloby


· Offers translation into 100+ languages.

· Customizes translations to maintain brand voice and tone.

· Involves native reviewers for quality assurance.

· Diverse range of applications for different platforms.

· Employs advanced AI for accurate and optimized translations.


· While AI provides exceptional translations, some nuances may still be best captured by human translators, especially for less commonly used languages or very specific industry jargon.

· Costs associated with the service may be a consideration for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget.

· As with any AI-based service, there may be occasional updates or learning curves in adapting to new features or interfaces.

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