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November 10, 2023

Introducing Essential: Your Screen Co-Pilot

Have you ever wished for a second set of eyes on your computer screen to help you remember important information or assist you with troubleshooting? Well, now you can have just that with Essential - a powerful open-source tool designed specifically for developers using MacOS.

What Can Essential Do?

Essential is equipped with a range of AI-powered features to make your work easier and more efficient:


  • Utilizes Computer Vision and OpenAI's LLMs to understand and troubleshoot error messages in your IDE, terminal, or browser
  • Provides context-specific fixes without the need for manual searching or copying and pasting error messages
  • Saves you time and frustration when dealing with build failures and error logs


  • Acts as a memory layer for your screen, capturing important moments and information for later reference
  • Offers a summarized story with screenshots from your recent work, enabling quick recall of essential details
  • Automatically categorizes stories to help you find the information you need easily

How to Get Essential

You can download Essential for Mac directly from their website or access the source code on GitHub. And the best part? All of this happens entirely on your Mac, ensuring your data stays secure and private.

Pros and Cons of Essential


  • AI-powered features enhance productivity and troubleshooting
  • Open source and focused on user data privacy
  • Simplifies the process of recalling and saving important information from your screen


  • Currently only available for MacOS users
  • Limited to fixit and remember features, with "more in the works" promises yet to be seen

In conclusion, Essential is a promising tool for developers seeking to streamline their workflow and optimize their screen usage. With its AI capabilities and focus on user privacy, it's a valuable addition for MacOS users looking to enhance their productivity.

So, why not give it a try and see how Essential can be your trustworthy screen co-pilot? Download it today and let us know your thoughts!

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