Genie for Figma

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the numerous tasks involved in completing your design projects? Sometimes, small details in text content, grammar corrections, and searching for visual references can take up a lot of your time. Thanks to an AI-powered tool, all of this can be managed efficiently, giving you more time and creative energy to focus on creating exceptional designs and producing your best work.

Introducing Genie for Figma

Genie for Figma is an AI-driven solution designed to streamline your design workflow and simplify your content creation process. It acts as your content creation assistant, offering writing enhancements, grammar fixes, and a library to store your generated content. You can seamlessly generate images and even apply an anime-style transformation to your images, all at the click of a button. Here's a closer look at how Genie can assist you:

  • Create Text Content with AI: Genie doesn't replace your creativity; it enhances it. With AI support, you can save time and improve your text design approach.

  • Enhance Your Writing with AI: Writing is a complex process, but with Genie, you can enhance the tone of your writing, making it casual, confident, straightforward, and friendly, which significantly improves your style and readability.

  • Fix Grammar: Simplify your task of getting the grammar right with this AI tool, leaving you with a polished final output.

  • Store and Organize Your Content: Genie's content library feature allows you to store your generated content and retrieve it for later use, saving you from having to manually recall vast libraries.

  • Generate Images and Break Language Barriers: With Genie, you can now generate images with AI and even apply an anime-style transformation, adding a fun twist to your designs.

Pros & Cons


  • Timesaving through the AI-generated content library
  • Enhanced writing style and grammar checks help in creating high-quality content
  • Simplified image generation and transformation without artist intervention


  • Limited to the AI interface's capabilities

You can install the plugin for free with a 7-day trial to experience its power. Genie is tailored to help designers, startups, and agencies level up their design workflow, helping you save time and produce stronger, more creative work. With Genie, creative design projects are more manageable.

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