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Generate Excel Formulas and more using AI

November 22, 2023
Generate Excel Formulas and more using AI

Turn Your Spreadsheet and Coding Problems into Solutions!

Are you tired of spending hours racking your brain over formulas and coding solutions? It’s time to introduce Formula Dog! This AI-powered tool is designed to take your text and effortlessly convert it into Excel formulas, VBA Code, and Regex. Not only that, but if you’ve ever found yourself struggling to understand a particular formula, code snippet, or SQL query, Formula Dog’s got you covered with clear, detailed explanations.

Features Focus on "What" not "How" One of the key features of Formula Dog is executing a swift transformation of your ideas into Excel formulas by harnessing the power of AI. Whether it’s that project you’ve been pondering over or the weekly report that you dread putting together, Formula Dog can help take the headache out of creating formulas.

English to Excel Formula You just need to express your ideas, and Formula Dog will take care of turning them into accurate Excel formulas for you.

English to VBA Code Struggling with VBA Code? Simply write down your thoughts, and Formula Dog will do the heavy lifting, turning your descriptions into functional VBA Code with ease.

English to Regex If regex gives you a headache, don’t worry! Formula Dog simplifies the process to create Regex by using English descriptions and examples.

Formula/Code/SQL explanation Stuck on a confusing formula, code, or SQL query? Let the AI behind Formula Dog do the explaining for you, breaking down complex equations and queries into easy-to-understand insights so you can get back on track.

MS Excel and Google Sheet Integration Whether you’re a loyal Excel user or prefer the convenience of Google Sheets, using Formula Dog is made even easier with an add-on for both platforms. Spend less time switching between tools and more time enjoying the seamless integration.

Testimonials According to GPS Waraich, the CEO of, Formula Dog is a significant asset for their team, eliminating the need to spend a lot of time thinking about creating new formulas. Join the many others who have found Formula Dog to be a valuable asset in streamlining their workflow and eliminating the complexity of formulas and codes.

With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, Formula Dog is the go-to tool for effortlessly turning your text into workable Excel formulas and VBA Codes, simplifying your workflow, and ensuring you get back to the business of creating without getting bogged down by needless complexity.


  • A powerful tool that utilizes AI to create Excel formulas, VBA Code, and Regex
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Detailed explanations provided for complex formulas and codes
  • Engineered to integrate seamlessly into MS Excel and Google Sheets


  • Users might experience limitations in understanding detailed programming concepts
  • Advanced formula requirements might surpass the capabilities of the tool

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