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Generate Custom AI avatar

November 22, 2023
Generate Custom AI avatar

Do you struggle to create avatars that reflect your unique style? Are generic avatar generators falling short? Photoshot is here to help. This AI-powered avatar generator creates custom avatars that resemble you. Just upload a few different selfies, and the AI will produce detailed and realistic avatars that capture your unique look. You can even provide prompts to guide the AI and ensure your avatars truly represent you.

Getting Started with Photoshot

Creating personal AI avatars is now easier than ever. Here's how to start making your custom avatar:

  1. Upload: Share a few selfies displaying different angles of your face.
  2. Wait: Take a short break while our AI system builds your virtual photography studio using your selfies.
  3. Prompt: Craft prompts for the AI to guide the process and ensure your avatars capture your style.

Why Not Free?

You might be wondering why Photoshot isn't free. The reason is that training a custom AI model requires significant resources. Your payment helps cover these costs and guarantees high-quality custom avatars that truly represent your unique style.

Pro Trained Model Features

The tool offers different packages at affordable prices depending on the features you require. A package might include:

  • 1 studio creation with a custom-trained model
  • 100 high-definition avatar images
  • 4K generation for detailed images
  • 30 AI prompt assists
  • Capability to craft your own prompt
  • Sponsorship development to further enhance the tool


With Photoshot, you can have personalized avatars closely tied to your unique style. Whether for personal use, digital representation, or professional purposes, Photoshot's avatars are realistic and capture every nuance. With affordability and quality, Photoshot offers exactly what you need.


  • Gain control over your avatar
  • Get a realistic representation of yourself
  • Custom trained avatar models


  • Not free
  • AI machine learning can be time-consuming

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