Simplifying Research and Analysis with Tactic

In the fast-paced business world, time is of the essence, and staying ahead often means being able to process and leverage a vast amount of information quickly and efficiently. This is where Tactic, a tool designed to automate the way we handle research and analysis, comes to the forefront.

The Purpose Behind Tactic

Tactic is engineered for individuals who find themselves buried under information:

  • Executives
  • Research Analysts
  • Legal Professionals
  • Investors
  • Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Human Resources
What Does Tactic Offer?

Tactic aims to help users manage the deluge of data coming from various sources such as emails, documents, presentations, and meeting notes. Here's how Tactic streamlines the process:

  • Import Documents and Decks: You can bring in any kind of document for analysis.
  • Find, Summarize, Prioritize: Tactic identifies the most relevant parts of your data, interprets it, and summarizes the actionable steps.
  • Lead with Data: Create interactive reports based on your findings to guide your team efficiently.
The Power of Organization

Projects in Tactic allow you to organize and analyze text from numerous sources like news articles, PDFs, web pages, customer conversations, and more.

Tailored Answers

It's like speaking SQL, but for unstructured data. Ask specific questions and get the answers formatted in a way that suits your needs.

  • Cross Reference Documents: Compare findings across multiple data points.
  • Design Reports: Craft the perfect report with Markdown support, similar to using Notion.
  • Share and Publish: Transform your insights into beautifully designed tables and reports with just a click.
Tactic's Pricing Plans

Tactic offers flexible plans tailored to the size of your team and needs:

  • Free Plan: Ideal for solopreneurs or small teams.

  • Import 5 documents

  • Build 1 visual with up to 5 questions

  • Starter Plan ($20/user/month): Great for growing teams.

  • Import 100 documents

  • Build 5 visuals with up to 20 questions

  • Business Plan ($70/user/month): Designed for established teams needing more functionality.

  • Unlimited document import

  • Build 20 visuals with up to 20 questions

  • Enterprise Plan: Customized for large organizations with specific needs.

FAQs About Tactic

Distinguishing it from ChatGPT and traditional text pasting methods, Tactic is more than a chatbot. It's an AI app builder that includes data importing, extracting structured information, creating visuals, and offers integrations.

Questions Tactic can handle are diverse, allowing users to dig deeper into documents and visuals. A Tactic visual is an illustrative way to display your data insights for easier understanding and communication.

After visualizing answers, users can turn these insights into actionable reports. Regarding data security, Tactic ensures user data is kept safe with robust security measures.

Final Thoughts

Tactic isn't just an attempt to handle too much information; it's a smart and structured approach to filtering, summarizing, and leveraging data. By providing a combination of organization and easy-to-use analytics, Tactic empowers users across different fields to make informed decisions swiftly.

Ready to streamline your data analysis process? Give Tactic a try and sign up for a free trial.

For more information on Tactic and its offerings, visit their official website.

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