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Discover DocuDo: Your AI Assistant for Streamlined Technical Writing

Imagine reducing the time you spend on crafting support documents by a staggering 90%. That's what DocuDo, your friendly AI assistant, promises to deliver. This tool is a game-changer for tech writers who are accustomed to the meticulous and time-consuming process of creating support articles.

Simplified Documentation Process

When writing a 6-step support article, you would generally need about 97 minutes. This time accounts for content writing, preparing visuals, testing, refinement, and grammar checks. DocuDo has revolutionized this procedure by cutting down the time to a mere 5.2 minutes. Let's explore how this is achieved:

Step-by-Step Workflow
  • Record a Screencast: Initiate the process with ease. All you need to do is capture your screen using the intuitive Chrome extension developed by DocuDo. This tool facilitates the creation and upload of screencasts without any hassle.

  • Review Generated Content: After recording, DocuDo springs into action using advanced language models, similar to ChatGPT, to produce content and pair it with your screenshots. The output is a well-structured draft ready for your review.

  • Publish with Ease: Once you've given the green light, your content is ready to be shared with the world. You can publish it straight to your portal, and make it accessible via an in-page widget for your users.

Getting Started

To experience this innovative tool for yourself, you can sign up, check out a live demo, or even jump right in by installing the free Chrome extension.

Pros and Cons of Using DocuDo


  • Drastically reduces the time needed to produce support documentation.
  • Integrates an easy-to-use Chrome extension for capturing screencasts.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art AI to ensure high-quality content generation.
  • Simplifies the final step of publishing to a user-friendly portal.


  • Relies on the accuracy of the AI, which might require human oversight for complex technical nuances.
  • As an AI-based tool, it might not capture the unique voice a tech writer might want to convey in certain scenarios.
  • Currently tied to Chrome, which may not suit users of other browsers.

DocuDo showcases impressive capabilities that can alleviate the burden on technical writers by automating the tedious aspects of documentation creation. With its roots in London, this software embodies both innovation and practicality, aiming to save you precious time while maintaining high standards for your support content.

If you're intrigued by the prospects of enhancing your Technical Writing process, why not give DocuDo a try? It could be the solution you've been seeking to streamline your workflow and focus on what truly matters in your job. Get started today and discover the efficiency that DocuDo can bring to your documentation tasks.

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