Discover Gather: The Tool that Puts Data Back in Your Hands

In today's world, where data often feels like it's no longer our own, there's a groundbreaking tool on the horizon that's set to change the way we interact with our digital presence. Meet Genie, the innovative product by Gather that gives users the reins over their digital data.

The Philosophy of Gather

Gather operates with a revolutionary conviction that everyone is entitled to direct access to the data they create. Built on the belief that by having immediate access to their digital context, users can transform the way the internet operates. Imagine a world where you're not bound by the constraints of an app, where your digital identity and preferences are yours to command.

Gather's mission is to ensure that users are never the product again, by empowering them to harness and manage their own data. In this new era, individuals can engage directly with brands, sharing their preferences and intentions transparently and on their terms, rather than being covertly monitored.

The Visionaries Behind Gather

Leading the charge at Gather is a team deeply experienced in breath-taking innovation. CEO Sumit Agarwal, CPO Mengmeng Chen, Chief Architect Ariya Hidayat, and Head of Data & AI Yiing Chau Mak had previously made waves with Shape Security, safeguarding the data of over a billion users before it was acquired by F5 for a splendid $1 billion. Now, they've set their sights on something even more transformative with Gather, launched with support from prestigious investors like Bain Capital Ventures, Floodgate, and Wing.

Introducing Genie: Your Digital Data Companion

Genie is available both on iOS and the web, providing a unified experience for handling your data regardless of the platform.

Explore Genie's Playground

What makes Genie all the more intriguing is its Playground feature, a sandbox environment where users can experiment and discover how to use the tool to its full potential.

Sync with Google Timeline

Match Genie with your Google Timeline for a comprehensive overview of your digital journey. You gain insights into how you've interacted with different services and what your preferences might be.

Engage with Gather

The conversation doesn't end with Genie. Gather offers a wealth of opportunities to get involved, whether you’re interested in career possibilities, hoping to recommend a colleague, or looking to attend one of their events. The Gather team maintains a robust Technical Blog where they share insights and updates, and for those interested in the finer details, all legal and privacy information is transparently provided.

Stay Connected

If you want to keep abreast of the latest from Gather and Genie, follow their social media LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube pages for updates, thoughts, and community engagement.

Understanding the Pros and Cons


Genie, by Gather, is not merely a tool; it's the dawn of a new paradigm in digital data interaction. As we look forward to what promises to be a more user-centric internet, Genie stands as a flagbearer in this promising journey.

Contact and Legal Information

For those keen on diving deeper or directly engaging with the team at Gather, their Contact page is the doorway to a more data-empowered future.

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