Experience Streamlined Workflow with Xence

Meet Xence, a novel chatbot developed by Gaspar AI, specifically designed to revolutionize how you handle inquiries on your Jira Service Management (JSM) support portal. Xence is not any ordinary chatbot; it's powered by advanced AI technology that can provide immediate, relevant answers pulled directly from Confluence documentation, all without the need for human intervention. This chatbot is particularly adept at cutting through the noise and delivering the knowledge your employees are seeking.

Quick and Easy to Get Started

Implementing Xence is remarkably swift, ensuring you don't waste any precious time. Gaspar AI has gone the extra mile to prepare a thorough video guide that eases the installation of Xence. This enables your team to leap into action and start experiencing the benefits of AI-powered customer service with minimal setup time.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

One of the main attractions of Xence is its simple and fair pricing structure:

· Up to 10 Users: $23.25/month

· 1-100 Users: $223.00/month

· 101-250 Users: $530.00/month

· 251-1000 Users: $1367.50/month

· 1001-2500 Users: $4017.50/month

· 2501-5000 Users: $7517.50/month

· 5001-7500 Users: $10817.50/month

Gaspar AI offers plans to accommodate any team size, with no additional costs lurking in the fine print. You get unlimited usage and full functionality from the get-go. Plus, you can test the waters with a 21-day free trial, allowing you to assess the value it adds before making a financial commitment.

The Xence AI Experience

When employees enter the Jira SM support portal and pose questions to the Xence chatbot, they will be met with swift and accurate responses. This AI tool is engineered to emulate the helpfulness and promptness of human interaction while sourcing information from a vast database of Confluence articles.

Utilizing Xence means saying farewell to the days of endlessly sifting through Confluence documentation or repeating similar questions. Instead, you will open up more space for your team to concentrate on what truly counts, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Why Choose Xence?

· Rapid Deployment: Get up and running in no time, with helpful instructions at your disposal.

· Cost-Effective: Enjoy a clear, straightforward pricing approach without worrying about hidden charges or usage caps.

· Efficient Knowledge Sharing: Instantly provide employees with the answers they seek, directly from your existing Confluence knowledge base.

· AI Tech at Its Best: Benefit from the AI's ability to understand and respond to queries in a manner reminiscent of human interaction.

· Free Trial: Make an informed decision with a no-strings-attached 21-day trial period.

If you're interested in learning more about Xence or Gaspar AI, feel free to visit their website, read up on the benefits, or request a demo. You can also stay connected through Twitter or LinkedIn for updates.

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