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November 22, 2023

Tales: A Parent's Best Friend in Book Recommendations

Are you tired of guessing which books to pick for your young reader? Do you want a tool that can help you find books tailored to your child's specific interests? If so, you're in luck because FutureTales is here to assist you.

What is FutureTales?

FutureTales is an AI-powered tool that provides personalized book recommendations for children based on their interests and reading level. Whether your child is fascinated by climate and weather, kindness and generosity, or polar animals, FutureTales can help you find the perfect book for them. By understanding your child's preferences, this tool can offer various book suggestions and help you make the most of your reading time with your little one.

How Does It Work?

FutureTales begins by asking you to select the age of your child and their areas of interest. Based on your input, it generates a list of book recommendations that are most likely to capture your child's attention. In addition, you have the option to provide information about your child's current favorite books, enabling the tool to give even better recommendations. By offering these personalized suggestions, FutureTales aims to ensure that you and your child never have to deal with a disappointing book again.

Tracking Your Child's Reading Journey

Not only does FutureTales assist in finding the right books for your child, but it also helps you track their reading habits over time. With kids’ interests changing so quickly, it's essential to stay updated on what they enjoy reading. This tool allows you to monitor your child's evolving preferences, making it easier for you to keep up with their changing tastes.

Pros and Cons


  1. Personalized book recommendations tailored to your child's interests.
  2. Helps in tracking your child's reading progress and changing interests.
  3. Easy to use and navigate, making it convenient for parents to find suitable books for their kids.


  1. Requires email sign-up for unique personalized recommendations, which might not appeal to privacy-conscious users.


FutureTales is not only a book recommendation tool but also a guardian angel for parents who want to cultivate a love for reading in their children. By taking into account your child's preferences and tracking their reading journey, FutureTales ensures that you'll hit the mark every time you pick up a new book. If you're looking for a convenient and personalized way to discover the best books for your young reader, give FutureTales a try. Your child's next favorite book might be just a few clicks away!

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