Have some questions about Fuse? Our FAQ section can help you out.

What is Fuse? Fuse is a news app powered by AI, delivering the latest stories, articles, videos, and opinions from major news media outlets, all in one place.

What platforms is Fuse available on? Fuse is available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

What kind of news content does Fuse offer? Fuse provides top stories from the U.S. and around the world, personalized news tailored to your interests, complete coverage with articles, videos, and opinions, balanced viewpoints from various media outlets, and stories in every category including business, technology, politics, sports, health, entertainment, and more.

Can I follow specific stories on Fuse? Yes, you can keep track of stories that matter to you and receive notifications with the latest updates.

Does Fuse offer multimedia content? You can watch story-related videos from major channels and read and engage with tweets from verified Twitter users.

How is my personalized news feed created? Your personalized news feed is tailored to your interests based on what you read and watch, allowing you to stay informed about the topics and stories that matter most to you.

Is Fuse free to download and use? Yes, Fuse is free to download and use, offering a comprehensive news experience at your fingertips.

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